Sainik Security services personnel at Isolation center duty
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Significant contribution by Sainik Security as ‘Corona Warriors’ in Mira Bhayandar

Along with the entire world, our country is also affected by the deadly coronavirus. To control this pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has thrice announced the lockdown. Due to which, citizens have to remain in their houses to shield themselves from coronavirus. To make these lockdowns successful, Mira-Bhayandar Municipal Corporation(MBMC) and Thane Rural Police are on their toes with frontline health workers like doctors and hospital staff. Along with these ‘Corona Warriors’, there are some organisation like ‘Sainik Security Services’ which is backing these frontline fighters. They are making a significant contribution to Mira Bhayandar, which is being praised everywhere.

To maintain law and order in this twin city, this personnel of Sainik Security Services are working as security guards and bouncers with MBMC. They are deployed in MBMC’s building, hospitals, encroachment department and to control traffic system.

Presently, Mira Bhayandar is a hotspot and classified as a ‘Red Zone’ for coronavirus infection. This has created an atmosphere of fear among the residents. Even in this hard time, they have to come out to buy the essential commodities. In such a situation, the bouncers of Sainik Security Services are discharging their duties responsibly and assuring people should maintain social distancing and queuing properly. For their safety, this personnel are using N-95 masks, sanitizers and hand gloves along with uniform constantly.

What owner says

Given their hard and commendable work, Dr Nana Guru — the Managing Director of the Sainik Security — is also giving remarkable encouragement and appreciation to his employees. Along with this, Sainik Security also provides breakfast and food to many police personnel deployed on the streets. “We are taking utter precaution that no employees carry coronavirus to their home. Along with employees, we are taking care of the kin of the employees also,” said Dr Nana Guru.

About 290 employees of Sainik Security are deployed at Quarantine Center, vegetable market by MBMC, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi COVID-19 Hospital. They are also serving in the health units of MBMC and Indira Gandhi Municipal Hospital etc.

As others, Nana Guru’s family along with his two daughters also want that he should not step out of the house. However, he says that his bouncers and personnel are performing their responsibilities well. “In that situation, to boost their morale I have to come on the street,” said Guru.

Guruji (as he fondly called) appealed people to stay at home and be safe. He says, “If we are safe, the country will be safe and if the country will be safe, the world will be better placed.  Let’s fight together with the coronavirus and make our country proud. We will win and Corona will be defeated.”