Mayor distributing disability certificate
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Now, Get disability certificate at Government Hospital in Bhayander

As the Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Hospital is being upgraded from the civic hospital to the state-run full-fledge Government Hospital, so the services are also upgrading. In a new initiative, now the hospital will issue a disability certificate to People with Disabilities(PWD) in Mira-Bhayander.

Earlier, people with disabilities and their relatives have to run pillar to pole to acquire this important certificates. “Differently-abled persons with their relatives have to go to Thane Civil Hospital to get the certificate. However, for mentally weak people have to go either to Navi Mumbai Civic Hospital (Belapur) or Mulund BMC Hospital for IQ test and then with the IQ results have to apply for certificates at Thane Civil Hospital. Unfortunately, it was a too-long procedure and takes more time to travel to Navi Mumbai and Thane,” said Aijaz Khatib of Aijaz Khatib Foundation, on whose request the service initiated in the Hospital.

Aijaz Khatib requested former Legislator Narendra Mehta and MBMC Mayor Dimple Mehta through letterhead of his NGO Aijaz Khatib Foundation to avail the service at Mira-Bhayander. “I submitted the letter on Saturday, Mr. Mehta called me on Tuesday and said next week from Wednesday, the service will be available in the hospital.”

How to get it

However, only orthopaedic disability certificates were approved in the hospital and every Wednesday that will be issued on the first floor of the hospital. “We organised a camp and requested the psychiatric and psychologist from Belapur to come here and issue certificates to special children. Fortunately, they agreed and asked for minimal fees on each certificate. Hence, we paid through my relative NGO Mumbai and organised the camp,” said Khatib.       

“This happened only because of Mr. Mehta and mayor saheba. Hence, I’m thankful to them. On seeing the smile on the parents’ face, I realised that I had done something good today,” said Mr. Khatib.  

The disability certificate is not just a document for a person with a disability (PWD) – but an important tool for availing the benefits and rights that they are entitled to from the central as well as state government under various appropriate enabling legislation’s. People can avail of the facility every Wednesday.

What they said

“The disabled persons and special children had to travel from far-off places in the twin-city to reach the government hospital in Thane and Mumbai. I am glad that they will be relieved now as they can get the certificates here at the local level,” said Mehta.

“As per official civic records, there are around 2, 700 physically challenged people registered with the civic body. The elevation has not only paved the way for up-gradation of services but will help in documentation work which was hampered due to the absence of a civil surgeon,” said Dr.  Pramod Padwal, Medical Health Officer, MBMC.

“We are very much happy because of my neighbour Aijaz Khatib. He had easiest the hectic process of getting the certificate. In every five years, we have to go through this process of renewal of the certificate. May God Bless Him!” said Angela, whose daughter is a special child.