Jashn-e-Maulood-e-Kaaba at Hyderi Jama Masjid
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Muslims celebrated birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali as Jashn-e-Maulood-e-Kaaba

Muslims celebrated the birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali as Jashn-e-Maulood-e-Kaaba at Hyderi Jama Masjid, Hyderi Chowk, Mira Road. The celebrations Jashn-e-Maulood-e-Kaaba held under the aegis of Mohibann-e-Imam-e-Zamana(atfs), Mira Road.

The celebration was presided by Imam-e-Jumah, Hyderi Jama Masjid, Maulana Hasan Imam whereas convenor for the event was Maulana Ali Abbas Ummed Azmi.

Many eminent personalities and Islamic scholars like Maulana Kalbe Zaid, Maulana Alamdar Hussain, Maulana Gulab Hussain, Maulana Razi Haider grace the event.

The celebration started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Qari Maulana Shaikh Najafi whereas the inaugural lecture was delivered by Maulana Hasan Imam Zangipuri.  “This is one of the auspicious days for Shia Muslims as our first Holy Imam Hazrat Ali was born inside Holy Kaaba on this day,” said Maulana Kamaal Haider Khan while speaking over the importance of the day.

Maulana Adil Hussain Zaidi, Maulana Maahir Ali Jafari, Maulana Haji Mohammad Najafi and Maulana Adeeb Azmi recited poetry to eulogize Ameer al Momineen Imam Ali (a.s). Maulana Ummed Azmi compered the event.

What dignitaries say

The scholars cited the birth of Hazrat Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib in Kaaba (House of God) in Makkah on 13th Rajab.

They noted that Hazrat Abu Talib was the key holder of the Kaaba but the wall of Kaaba cracked to welcome the mother of Hazrat Ali, Fatema Binte Asad.

“It was a divine message to the world about the greatness of Maula Ali (a.s),” said Maulana Hasan Imam.

The uniqueness of the event was that, all the reciters and sermons delivered by the maulana who received Amama(turban) either from Iraq or Iran.

Muslims and especially Shia Muslims celebrate 13th Rajab as Maulood-e-Kaaba celebrations for the reason that Hazrat Ali was born inside Kaaba.

The entire world where Muslims are in good numbers celebrated the birth anniversary of Imam Ali with fervour and reverence with mammoth events to mark the celebrations.

Mosques and Imam Bargahs and Shia majority areas witnessed extraordinary illumination and colourful decoration.

Celebrations began soon after Magrabain(sunset) prayers on Saturday and continued till midnight.

His followers and adorers celebrate the birth anniversary of Amir al Momineen on 13th Rajab according to the Islamic lunar calendar. However, it was celebrated on 19th Rajab because of Saturday.  

Almost all major Shia Islamic parties and anjumans organized events.

Event Concluded

Maulana Gulam Abbas delivered the speech putting some lights on Hazrat Ali(a.s)’s life and Nahjul Balagah’s sermons. He emphases everyone to read the sermon no. 150 of the compilation where Hazrat Ali(a.s) advised against oppression and unlawful earning and the condition of the people during disorder.

At the end of the event, prizes were distributed with the help of lottery system to the winners of the pre-solved questionnaires on Nahjul Balagah(Peak of Eloquence), a book in the form of a compilation of sermons, sayings and letters of Hazrat Ali(a.s), the son of Abi Talib. Prizes were distributed through draws to 14 lucky people who were present at the event.

The event Jashn-e-Maulood-e-Kaaba ba unwane Nahjul Balagah was organised by the young members of Mohibann-e-Imam-e-Zamana(atfs) Mira Road.