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Hyderi Jama Masjid & Anfaal Foundation Show Solidarity With Police, Felicitate Them For Their Effort

Bearing the sense of gratitude and analysing the numerous heroes who have worked selflessly since the lockdown, Hyderi Jama Masjid Trust along with Anfaal Foundation thanked the Police Personnel with a Mahe Ramadhan gift hamper on behalf of the community.

Showing the solidarity with the police personnel for their efforts ceasing the spread of COVID-19, members of Hyderi Jama Masjid and Anfaal Foundation felicitate them with gift hampers on the occasion of their 2nd leader Imam Hasan Mujtaba’s(a.s) 1438 birth anniversary. He was the Holy Prophet’s(PBUH), grandson.

Mr Kailash Barve, Senior Police Inspector, Naya Nagar Police Station and PSI Mr Chavan were present on the occasion. “With the help of people and the administration’s support, we can defeat this pandemic.”

“This type of felicitation can boost the morale of the police personnel, who are away from their family. It’s a good initiative by the community. Such a gesture of kindness boosts the morale, strengthens the ties and co-ordination between police administration and the public. This encourages us that we are on the right path,” said Mr Barve.

“Noticeable acts of our community have time and again shown that we have stood up strongly in terms of individual and organizational contributions. One such act of strength is gratitude,” said Anwar Naqvi, member of Anfaal Foundation.

During the lockdown, policemen have worked tirelessly and round the clock in Mira Road. Some personnel are continuously on duty to save the people and have not returned to their house. “Earlier, we thought that police are showing unnecessarily strictness. However, we were wrong. Like mother gives bitter medicine to her child knowing that it’s for baby’s benefit. In the same way, Police forces were there for our benefit,” said Sajid Hussain Naqvi, President, Hyderi Jama Masjid Trust.