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Hundreds protest at Jama Masjid, seek Waseem’s arrest for insulting Holy Prophet and Quran verses

Hundreds gathered on the stairs of the Shia Jama Masjid in Mira Road after Friday prayers to protest against Waseem ‘Murtad’, former chairman of the Shia Waqf Board of Uttar Pradesh.

Waseem ‘Rushdi’, who in a video last week has insulted Islam’s Holy Prophet and had filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking removal of as many as 26 ‘controversial’ aayats (verses) from the Quran in March, this year.

On Friday, protesters and clerics joined the protest at Hyderi Jama Masjid, near Hyderi Chowk, Naya Nagar . Demanding his arrest, the protesters shouted slogans calling Waseem an “enemy of Islam”, Waseem Murtad murdabad, Gustakh e Rasool, Gustakh e Quran murdabad. They also appealed to the community members not to provide burial ground as he denounces himself from the Islam.

Many protesters carried placards  denouncing Waseem’s religious beliefs. Community held signature campaign to pressurize the government for early action against the culprit.

However, since no permission was granted for a protest march by the Naya Nagar Police, the demonstration remained limited to the premises of the Jama Masjid.

Waseem deliberately insulted Holy Prophet and Quran on someone’s signal

“[Waseem] ‘Rushdi’ deliberately insulted Mohammad (PBUH) saheb and Quran on someone’s ishara. We do not want any [part] of the religious book to be altered or disrespected like this. And world known about Holy Prophet’s. We want strictest actions against this politically motivated guy,” said Shia cleric Maulana Faizan Haider Jawadi, who was present at the protest.

“Alhamdolillaha, the Constitution of India has mentioned the prosecution for these type of persons. Just, we have to register a complain against him at the police station. Definitely, the law will take its course,” added Jawadi.

One protester at Jama Masjid said Waseem ‘Murtad’ is trying to create a rift among the Shia and Sunni communities. Both communities, however, are protesting against Waseem’s statement, the protester said.

“Such kind of person shall be boycotted from each corner of the society as such people disturb the peace of the community by making derogatory remarks against the holy book and Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH),” said Maulana Hasan Imam, Cleric, Hyderi Jama Masjid.

In a video interview to a youtube channel earlier this week, Waseem Rizvi has insulted Holy Prophet and said that he wrote a book on Holy Prophet and will launch it later this month. Earlier, he had said that he will fight till his last breath to remove the 26 verses from the Quran. For which, he moved to the SC. However, the apex court had rejected his petition.