Hyblaea Puera attacks
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Activist worried about illegal encroachment after massive Hyblaea Puera attacks in mangroves

After the massive attacks by Hyblaea Puera moths have been reported in mangroves patches all over the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) left environmentalists worried about it. They also concerned that the land mafias may act and encroaches the protected parts.

Hyblaea Puera moth and insects have attacked in the Mangroves patches in most of the areas of MMR, resulting in an evergreen looking covers of the wetlands have started turning brown. Normally, post-monsoon these patches look bright green colour. However, wearing a dry and skeletal look bothering the environmental activist like Dhiraj Parab.

Appealing to the concerned authority, Parab said, “Municipal Corporation, Police, Revenue and Forest Department should start independent patrols the affected mangroves and wetland forest. So, the illegal filling of the lands with debris and mud should be prevented.

“Authorities regularly click and circulate the photograph of the green and dry mangroves,” said the environmental activist.

“The concerned authorities make sure that tidal waterways cleared regularly. Authorities should immediately take corrective measures to prevent the spread of Hyblaea Puera moths. Discussion on how the habitats will return to these areas should also take place,” urges Dhiraj Parab.

Miscreants destroy the lush mangrove belts and wetland stretches systematically by dumping the garbage. Authorities diverting the creek water to facilitate construction of hotels, multi-storey residential and commercial buildings. Although, the destruction of mangrove forests and construction activity within 50m of mangrove areas have been banned by the judiciary.

“If everyone takes it as personal responsibility then we can save the environment. Please take care of this social crisis as this ecology is directly proportional to one’s health. So, report the destruction in your capacity also,” Parab appealed to the alert citizens.