General Body meeting fights
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Two Women Corporators clash like street fighters at General Body

An incident has come to light in Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation where the general body meeting has taken the form of a street fight. Independent MLA Geeta Jain (Corporator from BJP) and BJP corporator Hetal Parmar had a verbal altercation. The atmosphere was heated due to the corporators running toward each other and using abusive language. Security guards were called from outside to intervene and ceased the matter.

The great street fight was seen between two well-educated corporators at the general body meeting of Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC). Using abusive language, the corporators ran toward each other. Therefore, the general body meeting of MBMC had literally turned into an arena on Tuesday. The atmosphere was heated. Security guards had been called from outside to ease the tension.

What’s the matter?

BJP corporator Neela Soans raised the issue of construction of a bar at Mira Road at reservation number 261 while proposing ‘J’. However, as the matter is justiciable, the meeting cannot decide on it. Therefore, we are ordering to take up this issue in the next general body meeting, said Deputy Mayor Hasmukh Gehlot, who is sitting as the presiding officer. This heated up the atmosphere in the entire General Assembly.

Meanwhile, BJP corporator and MLA Geeta Jain stood up to raise the next issue of the ongoing underground sewerage scheme. At that time BJP corporator Hetal Parmar made a comment which was overheard as ‘do takke ki aurat’. Then, Geeta Jain also replied to Parmar as ‘Apne aukat mein reh’.

Immediately after this, the argument escalated and Parmar angrily rushed directly to Jain’s seat. This time Geeta Jain also became aggressive. Insults proverbs were strongly used during this time. Water bottles were also raised to hit.

As soon as it was realized that the two corporators would clash, the presiding officer Hasmukh Gehlot called the women security guards in the hall. However, the fight continued. Eventually, the atmosphere calmed down after the intervention of all party corporators.

BJP corporator Arvind Shetty set up a bar and restaurant in the municipal garden. A proposal to allow it was tabled in the General Assembly. The proposal was rejected. BJP corporator Neela Soans opposed the proposal. Arvind Shetty was sitting next to BJP corporator Neela Soans. Shetty was outraged to see Neela Soans protesting. He accused Soans of being a blackmailer. The allegations sparked controversy and eventually led to the humiliation of bringing in female security guards to calm the atmosphere.

Talk of the town

However, the situation was brought under control due to the mediation of the members of the House and the security guards. However, as the video of the incident went viral, the actions of both the corporators are being protested.

Shiv Sena and Congress have demanded a thorough inquiry as this is a conspiracy.