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Take action against ‘that’ officer of MBMC: Pratap Sarnaik

The statues of Veer Maharana Pratap and Abdul Kalam were installed at the jurisdiction of Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation without having the permission of the state government. Shiv Sena MLA Pratap Sarnaik demanded action on the concerned officer of the MBMC who installed the statues without the permission of the government and used hard-earned taxpayers’ money.

The state government has a policy regarding the erection of statues of great personalities or nationalities. No statue can be erected in the state without the permission of the State Government and Home Department. At that time, the officials of the Public Works Department of MBMC had issued the tender for the statues of Veer Maharana Pratap and Abdul Kalam, tearing down the government policy. Before the assembly elections, the statues were installed in the twin city of Mira Bhayandar and were covered with blue tarpaulin.

Pratap Sarnaik alleged that the tender, Bhoomi Poojan or inauguration was done by the Municipal Corporation of the statues are illegal and without the permission of the state government. Citizens say that the statues were installed after pressurization by the local leader to the officers for political gain in Assembly elections.

“These statues have been installed without permission and no formal process has been completed. If the statue of those legends were to be averted if anything inappropriate happened, who was to blame? This question raised by Sarnaik in Assembly. He demanded immediate suspension or action against the officer who had committed such an illegal act. He said that strict action should be taken against the officer who illegally installed the statue.

What Sarnaik Says

“A few years ago, after the incident at Ramabai Ambedkar Nagar in Mumbai, the state government had brought the policy for the installation of legend’s statue in public. Unless the permission of the State Government and the Home Department, no one can install the statues of great leaders,” said Shiv Sena Legislator from Ovala-Majiwada, Pratap Sarnaik.

 However, these statues were installed and covered before the election for political gain. “This is an insult of these great men. Who is responsible for arbitrarily setting up statues,” asked Sarnaik.

We have no opposition to the installation of statues of these great leaders of the country. However, it is equally important to complete all the process, get all the permissions as well as maintain and safeguard the statue,” said the legislator, who is representing the area the third time in the assembly.

MLA Sarnaik pointed out that the state government should take an immediate decision on granting permission to the unauthorized statues in the city. He also demanded that strict action should be taken against the officer who has already installed the statues without permission.