Bhagwan Kaushik launches Hamari Party
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Social Activist Bhagwan Kaushik launches Political ‘Hamari’ Party

Social activist Bhagwan Kaushik on Saturday formally plunged into the political arena announcing the launch of the Hamari Party (HP). The Hamari Party has a 17-member executive that includes social activist Bhanu Pratap Singh, senior Doctor Dr Prakash Bhosle, and activist Raju Goyal.

The Mira Bhayander Municipal Election which is due this year will be the No. 1 priority, though eventually “we will try and field all 106 candidates in this election to gain the majority,” said Kaushik at a press conference to announce the party’s launch.

“It was out of compulsion that we had to jump into politics. Our aim is to challenge the existing political system. Every party has ‘thug’ us,” said Kaushik, an old guard of BJP.

Kaushik said his party will follow the politics of principles and not the vote bank politics and establish a ‘direct democracy’ after attaining ‘radical political decentralisation’. Party has a Red and Yellow colour flag with Hamari Party embossed on it. The Party tagline suggests the common man’s affinity as ‘Apne Shaher ki Party, Hum Sab ki Party’.  (Our City’s party, our own party)

The party has a 17-member Council at present, which will add more representatives later, especially women, youth, and those belonging to a non-political background but has a social face, he said.

22-point Hamari Party launching manifesto

Hamari Party (HP) President Bhagwan Kaushik on Saturday unveiled a 22-point agenda for Mira-Bhayander, which promises free premium education in Government schools and two 5-star free hospitals in Mira-Bhayander in the next five years with every citizen’s health insurance. He promises a hi-tech university in the vicinity and a web of CCTV setup for zero crimes. Jobs for all and allowance for the unemployed, if his party is voted to power in the local body elections.

“We are innocent people and do not understand jod tod ki rajniti (politics of coalitions). We are honest people and know how to develop Mira Bhayander,” he said.

Among the promises listed out by Kaushik includes enough drinking water within six months of coming to power.

“Many vested interests are thereby the present ruling party. It cannot be that they (the ruling BJP) try but are unable to do these things. They can do development but they are doing their development. They do not want to start university. Our intention is clean. Six months after we come in the majority, we will start delivering,” he announced.

Other promises in the party’s manifesto, which Haryana born Bhagwan Kaushik termed the ‘Vision Document’, include making the education system of the Mira-Bhayander on par with foreign countries, replicating the hospitals much better than private and eradicating ‘takka wala’ corruption.

The Hamari Party has decided to contest the upcoming Mira-Bhayander Municipal elections alone.

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  1. Many many congratulations to You Shilpu and Hamari Party’s all members…May this party do the justice which it meant to made for..

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