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MLA Geeta Jain wrote to President Kovind, seeking open enquiry against her & family

An independent Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Maharashtra from 145 –Mira Bhayandar Mrs Geeta Jain has written a letter to the President of India, Mr Ramnath Kovind, seeking an open enquiry of herself and her family members by any central agency against the properties she and family poses.

Geeta Jain’s father-in-law Mr Mithalal Jain was a Member of Parliament (MP) from Rajasthan and her husband is in the construction business. She said, “I came into this family in 1984, after marrying Bharat M Jain Ji. Since then, this is my family. I have no money or business relation with my maiden family. However, an attachment chord can’t be snatched from the parental family. Yes, I hail from a rich family which runs a flourishing construction business in Mira-Bhayandar for the past several years.”

Ready to face probe

Jain in her letter to the President of India has volunteered to face a probe by any central probing or investigating agencies. The letter which is also CC to the Prime Minister and the Election Commission of India says that if she or her family members are found guilty of any misconduct then they are ready to face the consequences. She also said that she will leave politics forever.

The legislator said, “To date, neither I nor my family had taken any benefits from politics for personal or business purposes. My father-in-law always says that politics is just to do social work and to make the government hear you.”  

She is a BJP corporator and fought in a rebellion in the 2019 Assembly election and defeated her party candidate. She roused as a giant killer and becomes the first woman MLA from the constituency. Later, she urges her support to Shiv Sena.   

“Those who are corrupt have employed paid propagandists to spread false info against me. They could not do anything against me or my family but throw hurdles in developmental work. For that, the works get delayed,” said Jain.

She urged the President of India to mandate such probes of all elected representatives. “This will be a strong warning to corrupt. I am ready to face the probe first,” said MLA Geeta Jain.

Mixed reaction

Some politicians praise her for this step while some termed the move as a cheap publicity stunt. “Only a person with a clean status can do this, salute to MLA Geeta Jain for a bold step. Simply, she inspires people,” said Freeda Moraes, former President, Women wing, NCP Mira Bhayandar.

“No single corporator dares to do this. She is clean so she dares. Corrupt MLA absconds before state agencies raid the house and offices,” said Pradeep Jangam, Social Activist.

Without naming her, former BJP Mira Bhayandar spokesperson Ranvir Bajpai said: “This is a cheap publicity stunt. She is writing a letter to His Highness. No one hears her, locally. Somebody listen to her(sic).”