135 MLD of Water approved by Minister Subhash Desai
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Mira-Bhayandar’s scarcity will solve soon? MBMC to get 135 MLD of water

Citizens of Mira Bhayandar often saw struggling with water shortage. From the last few months, the residents of the twin city have been facing heavy water shortage. To solve this problem, the delegation from Mira Bhayandar met the Minister of Industry, Subhash Desai on Monday. During the meeting, he ordered to supply 135 MLD of water for Mira-Bhayandar. The instant decision of the government will end the scarcity of water in the entire twin city.

Mira-Bhayandar will get 135 MLD water

In the meeting, 135 MLD water has been approved for the Mira-Bhayandar from MIDC. The city will start receiving additional water in the coming days. Apart from this, discussion on giving 20 MLD additional water for the city also took place. At present, Mira-Bhayandar receives 100 MLD water from MIDC.

MLA Pratap Sarnaik shown special interest

Shiv Sena MLA Pratap Sarnaik had been trying for a long to get the Mira Bhayandar out of water shortage. He raised the issue in a meeting with the Minister of Industry on Monday. Sarnaik has also demanded an additional 25 MLD of water for Mira Bhayandar.

“Mira Bhayandar needs extra water. The population of the city is constantly growing. Therefore, Minister Subhash Desai suggested that action should be taken to provide water as per the quota sanctioned by MIDC,” said Sarnaik.

Presently, Subhash Desai has given instructions to MIDC to provide 135 MLD water which was sanctioned earlier. Shiv Sena MP Rajan Vichare, MLA Geeta Jain, Mayor Jyotsna Hasnale, MBMC Commissioner Vijay Rathod, Congress Group leader Zubair Inamdar and other local leaders and officials were present during the meeting.

Can get 20 MLD water

Mira Bhayandar can also be given an additional 20 MLD of water as per the demand made by MLA Pratap Sarnaik. 20 MLD additional water should be given to the twin city has also been passed. Significantly, if the city will get 20 MLD water in addition to 135 MLD of water in totally the twin city will get 155 MLD water. 155 MLD of water will erase the Mira Bhayandar’s water scarcity.