Aslam Shaikh, Guardian Minister at Podium
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MBMC’s next mayor either from Congress or its backed: Aslam Shaikh

Boosting the morale and confidence of the newly inserted Congress Party workers and post holders Cabinet Minister for Fisheries, Textiles and ports Aslam Shaikh said that he has an intuition that next mayor of the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation will be either from Indian National Congress or backed by our party.  

The Congress party organised a workers’ meeting and post-distribution programme at Agarwal Ground, near Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Hospital, Bhayandar (west). The grand old party started the campaign for the election of the local Municipal Corporation scheduled in August next year. They called upon the city residents to extend their support to the party to carry on the development. 

Cabinet Minister has indicated organisational changes in the Congress, assuring that the state unit would be attuned to the wishes of the Congress workers and the people at large. “Congress Party has a strong revival power. And we will revive very soon. People understand this and choose the experienced party in the elections,” said Shaikh, a former Samajwadi Party leader.

Without naming the local leader, Aslam Shaikh taunted, “You have a great example here. When Congress workers become a big leader then they open schools, colleges, hospitals, hostels etc. However, when BJP leaders become giants they open hotels, clubs, lodgings etc. That’s the difference.”    

Fishery Department office in Thane

Fishery Minister Aslam Shaikh said that his ministry is in the process to open the fishery department office in Thane District. “We are in the process to open the fishery department office in Thane. Documentation has been over and soon you will see the office. This will become easy for people in this belt,” said the minister.

I’m steady on two BMC Commissioners‘ opinion

The Guardian Minister of Mumbai City has tossed two commissioners for BMC. However, BJP, as well as Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, have opposed the idea of the Shaikh. Nevertheless, Shaikh said, “As a minister and former corporator, it was my opinion for the ever-growing and developing city. Mumbai is also known as the financial capital of India. To lessen the burden on BMC headquarters, I have suggested the bifurcation of BMC chief’s responsibility and not bifurcation of the city. The city has two guardian ministers, two collectors then why not two MC Commissioners. I’m steady in my suggestion.”

Workers’ meet and distribution of posts

Congress party has appointed and reshuffled the post of about 350 Congress workers in this ‘medava’. About 250 new workers have joined the 130 years old party at the event organised at the Agarwal Ground.