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MBMC should confiscate lands of tax-defaulted developers: Prashant Dalvi

Prashant Dalvi, Leader of the House in the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) has demanded that some developers and builders have arrears of more than Rs 100 crores taxes on their vacant land. So, the tax-defaulted developers should not be given new permission for their projects and confiscate the land, said Dalvi in a letter to the MBMC Chief Dr Vijay Rathod.      

Builders and developers obtain Commencement Certificate (CC) from MBMC. However, after receiving the revised CC, the developers carry out illegal constructions including extra floors. “Significantly, the Town Planning Department never inform such constructions to Anti-Encroachment Squad to take action. Similarly, illegal constructions are on rampant without any kind of permission. The Town Planning Department and Anti-Encroachment Squads are turning deaf ears to such constructions,” alleges Dalvi.

The vacant land tax arrears have reached Rs 100 crore in Mira Bhayandar. “However, new projects of the defaulters approved by the Town Planning Department without recovering the previous default amount. Despite confiscating their lands to recover the taxes, the MBMC is approving their projects. This behaviour says something is cooking inside. There smells a scam in it,” said Dalvi.

Dalvi demanded to display the defaulters’ names publicly. He said, “The names and details of these defaulters should be exhibited through MBMC’s hoardings at some prominent places in the twin city.”

Similarly, Dalvi has demanded that no approval should be given to the new constructions of these tax-defaulted developers.

Earlier Demands

Earlier, Dalvi, after elected as a leader of the house, has demanded to bring down tax-defaulted mobile towers in the city.

He had said, “Mira Bhayandar has 718 mobile towers of various companies. A Town Planning Department has granted permission to these towers. The mobile towers’ taxed by the Property Tax Department as per the annual rental given to the housing society. However, about 176 mobile towers illegally installed in the twin city.”