Hemant Mhatre with Geeta Jain and Ravindra Chauhan
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Geeta Jain wanted to hold and run the party in her style: BJP Chief Hemant Mhatre

She left the party for her development and never saw corruption when she was mayor. Their government in the state, if they feel corruption then probe it, challenges Mhatre  

Hemant Mhatre, BJP’s Mira Bhayandar unit President also held a press conference on Wednesday and strongly refuted the allegations of both the MLAs. Hemant Mhatre lashed out at Shiv Sena MLA Pratap Sarnaik, saying that he has been the city MLA from the last three terms and has been in alliance with BJP-Shiv Sena till now. Then, why didn’t he saw the corruption? Lashing out the rebellion that recently joined the CM Uddhav Thackeray’s party, Mhatre said, she wanted to keep hold and wishes to run the party in her style.

Addressing reporters, Hemant Mhatre accused Geeta Jain that after winning the election, she wanted the entire BJP party to be handed over to her so that she could run it on her wish. “However, BJP is a cadre-based national party. The party has its ideology. BJP runs on as an organization and not on a single person wishes. There are discipline and rules,” said Mhatre.

“Geeta Jain tried for a year to establish her dominance over the party. However, when that did not happen, she joined the Shiv Sena, and now accusing the party leadership. If there’s corruption, then she has also been equally involved in that corruption,” added Mhatre, who is serving the second term as a president.  

Replying on Jain allegation that local unit not supported her, Hemant Mhatre said, “If she is not being supported in BJP, then how did she become the mayor?”

MVA government led by Sarnaik’s party  

Hemant Mhatre has challenged both the MLAs. He said that if they feel that corruption has taken place in the MBMc, then start the probe. What are they waiting for, MVA government led by their party? “Don’t just make threats on camera. If really corruption has taken place in MBMC then ask for the probe. Do you have that much courage? The government is yours,” asked Mhatre.

Suspension order

BJP President Chandrakant Dada Patil has suspended Geeta Jain from the party on October 4, last year. “She rebelled against the BJP and contested the elections as an independent. After getting elected, she supported BJP in the state. However, in the municipal mayoral election in February, she voted for the Sena candidate,” informed Mhatre.

BJP group leader and Deputy Mayor MBMC Hasmukh Gehlot has writ petition in the Konkan Bhavan to cancel Geeta Jain and her supporters’ corporator post for voting against the party.