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Discrepancy in reports to justify complete lockdown, alleges Congress

Congress leader alleges discrepancy in reports

Mira Bhayandar unit of Indian National Congress has alleged that there is a vast discrepancy in the report issued by the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) and the report issued by the state’s Maharashtra Public Health Department (MAHPHD) over the number of COVID-19 patients found in the twin city. Congress has accused that the MBMC is showing reduced figure of patients to justify its total lockdown decision. Nevertheless, the grand old party has demanded that the truth should be revealed to the public.

According to the daily COVID-19 report released by the MBMC’s Public Relation Department on July 14, the number of coronavirus cases found in Mira Bhayandar was shown 5,851. However, the data released by the MAHPHD, the number of positive patients found in MBMC jurisdiction was 6305. Both reports show a difference of 454 patients. Many times, has shown these differences in its news reports.

Zubair Inamdar, Congress group leader, has alleged that the MBMC is showing different reports here and submitting different reports to the state government. “There is some jhol jhal in it. You can imagine the difference of 454 patients in a day,” said Inamdar.

Inamdar demanded that the administration should give a written explanation on it. “There is an attempt to mislead the public by concealing the number of patients. Shockingly, there is a vast discrepancy between the figures in the two reports,” alleges Inamdar.

No Further extension to lockdown

Whereas, the Congress has also objected on the further extension of the complete lockdown like other political parties. “The administration had claimed that the lockdown would reduce the spread of Coronavirus infection. However, it has become clear that the number of patients has increased in the first total lockdown between July 1 and July 10,” said the Group leader in a video message.  

Congress party has asked the MBMC Chief to ease the complete lockdown after July 10. “Though, the commissioner has assured us that he will look into the matter. However, on the eve, he further extended the lockdown till July 18,” said jilted Inamdar.  

Significantly, Inamdar has warned the commissioner that if the lockdown further extended then his party will protest on the street. He said, “The reduced numbers made known to the public are just to show that the complete lockdown is successful.”

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