MLA Geeta Jain celebrates her birthday
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Covid-19 Positive MLA Geeta Jain celebrates her birthday, invites criticism

An Independent MLA from Mira Bhayandar Geeta Jain, who tested positive along with her husband for COVID-19 infection, has been under criticism for celebrating her birthday at home with staff. While she and her husband are home quarantine, she celebrated her birthday by cutting a cake on Sunday.

Geeta Jain, an independent MLA from Mira Bhayandar, was diagnosed with coronavirus positive last week. MLA Geeta Jain and her husband are both preferred to be home quarantine. Her staffs are also home quarantine for 10 days.

On Sunday, July 5 Geeta Jain’s birthday was there. In a video message, she asked her followers to stay home and wish her through message. No political workers will be allowed to enter the office to meet her.  While both of them are corona positive, they are being surprised by cutting a cake and celebrating birthdays with each other at home. Photos have gone viral on social media and many are raising questions.

In the viral photos, two cakes were seeing. Citizens are outraged that MLA Geeta Jain celebrated her birthday in the presence of her family and staff. Netizens raise the question that, she cut both the cakes and might have distributed to the staffs also. There are chances that some staffs may get infected through this.

While some doubt that either she and husband both ate that cakes or throws in the dust bin.  

What they say

“Strict lockdown has been announced till July 10 in Mira Bhayandar. All essentials shops are closed. Essential items will be delivered to the citizens. How she received the birthday cakes,” said Ranvir Bajpai, Spokesperson, Bhartiya Janata Party (Mira Bhayandar unit).

“People’s representatives are a role model for their followers. If they do this type of stunts, followers copy their role model’s action. This shows that she is not seriously taking this pandemic,” said Bajpai.

When asked Mrs Geeta Jain about the issue, she said “I’m asymptomatic and fine. As this is a big day, my husband insisted on a small cake cutting celebration. No staff were there, only family members were present.”  

COVID-19 positives should maintain social distancing. Through the viral photos, it doesn’t seem that. However, Dr Vijay Rathod promises for action if violated the rules. MBMC Commissioner said, “I will go through the snaps and fact will be checked. If any rules violated by the independent MLA then necessary action will be taken against them.”