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Congress’ workers shave their heads to oppose ruling BJP’s adamant behaviour over STP

The Congress Party has become aggressive and vented its anger near Jesal Park in Bhayander East. The members of the grand old party, not only shaved their heads but also performed shraddha of the ruling BJP by immersing the ‘pind’ in the same Sewage water, where Lord Ganpati’s idols were immersed a few days ago. Congress alleged that BJP had released the sewage water without any treatment to Bhayander Creek.   

Under the leadership of former Congress MLC and former Working President of the MPCC Muzaffar Hussain and MBDCC President Pramod Samant in this movement Youth Congress District President Sudheesh Prakash Rane, Kunal Katkar, Deepak Bagri, Vinod Kasare, Vijay Darekar, George Pinto and Farooque Alattur etc. were particularly involved in getting their heads shaved. For the past few days, Congress seemed to be quite aggressive on the issue. A few days ago, Congress workers had surrounded the Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation’s headquarters. In comparison, conducting the signature campaign in the twin city Congress claimed that they had collected the signatures of more than 20 thousand people.

Pramod Samant says, “For years, the BJP has been collecting crores of rupees with respect to the STP in the form of taxes. However, the facility has not been provided by the MBMC in many areas. Rs. 20 crores are being collected annually from citizens’ pockets as taxes, which is a form of corruption. The BJP is resorting to Hindutva, however, they insult Hindu deities, by making people immerse the idols in sewage water in the twin city. Youth Congress district president Sudheesh Rane said, “If somebody publishes the objectionable images in the form of posters, these BJP workers do ‘Hungama’, but they utter silent on this insults of Hindu deities? BJP’s spirit has died in Mira Bhayander.

According to Hinduism, the Shraddha of the deceased is done by immersing its pind. As BJP’s spirit has died we are immersing its pind in this dirty water and praying to God to give wisdom to the Saffron Party before Navratri. Otherwise, the citizens of Mira Bhayander will throw these BJPs out of the city. Former Corporator Farid Qureshi, Corporator  Advocate Sadat Khan, Block President Farooque Shaikh, Yasmeen Khan etc. were also present on this occasion.