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Shocking! Family gets decomposed Body of Bhayandar migrant after five days

Shramik Special Train decomposed body

Along with the corpses of corona-infected patients, the dead bodies of non-corona patients are also being affected. Here a shocking tragedy happened when a highly decomposed body has been given to the family members after five days of the death.

Harish Chandra Shankarlal, who died on May 14 outside the Vasai Road Railway station while running from Bhayandar, to catch a Shramik Special train to Bikaner was finally given his decomposed body to the brother after five days when his report comes negative for COVID-19.

Harish Chandra died on May 14 outside Vasai Railway Station. He ran 30km from Bhayandar to Vasai Road Railway Station through Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway to catch Shramik Special Train. According to a friend, he was not having enough money to hire any vehicle. His post mortem report says that the cause of death was due to the ‘cardiac arrest’. The cardiac arrest was caused due to severe dehydration and hypoglycemia which is a deficiency of glucose in the bloodstream.

It took five days for the relatives of the deceased to receive his body. Shockingly, the body was in a decomposed state. It is learned that after getting the permission of the administration on the fifth day, the relatives left for Rajasthan with the decomposed body.

As no relatives were present, Harishchandra’s body was shifted to the mortuary in Virar. However, the Air Condition was faulty due to which Harishchandra’s body was highly rotted.

Harishchandra’s brother Jaiprakash Jangir reached Virar on May 17. When he visited the mortuary at Virar West, he noticed that the air conditioning system in the cold storage was not working properly. While the temperature should be between 5 to 6 degrees Celsius, the temperature there was 18 degrees Celsius.

What’s delayed

On the other hand, the health workers of Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation took the sample after two days for COVID-19 test. The municipal corporation said that the body could not be handed over without a report.

Jaiprakash Jangir has also alleged that the VVMC officials forced to do ‘antim sanskar’ here in Virar itself. However, he wanted to be cremated in his village. After, the COVID-19 report turned out to be negative; he sought permission from the Collector. Finally, on Tuesday, Jayaprakash Jangir took his brother’s body to Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan in an ambulance.

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