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Shanti Star Builders booked under MOFA for not transferring land rights

Naya Nagar police has registered a case against Shanti Star Builders for not transferring the land rights to the Shanti Shopping Center society, situated near the Mira Road station. Ironically, the society was registered in the year 2009. According to the rules, the builder should have conveyed (transfer) the name of the society within four months of the formation of the society. However, the builders’ firm were refusing to do so in spite of approaching them several times.

The complainant Narendra Singh (58) with the help of Aam Aadmi Party has filed a complaint at the Naya Nagar Police Station. Giving further information, Singh said that the members of the society have been approaching for the conveyance deed for several times in the last decade. However, due to lack of cooperation from the builders, the land rights not be conveyed in society’s name. “Eventually, the people of the society knocked on the door of the police,” said Singh.

Naya Nagar police has registered a case against Shanti Star Builders under section 11 and 13 of MOFA Act. “Though, police has registered a case against the builders, but none of the directors were named in the FIR. This raises a doubt that, will the police be able to take strict legal action against such influential builders?”, said the expert.

So far, four builders booked in same cases

Rajesh Sharma, media in-charge of Aam Aadmi Party, who played an important role in this case, says that till now, FIR has been lodged against four builders for not conveying in the name of the society.

Sharma said, “People of the twin city should come forward and file a case against the builders who do not cooperate.”