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NGOs helping poor during coronavirus pandemic need more funds

As the Indian Government has extended the countrywide lockdown till May 3, many NGO s helping poor during the lockdown are now staring at the shortage of money to prepare free food for the underprivileged populace in the twin city. NGOs are looking at the option of either stopping production or reducing the quantity of food.

The MBMC Administration claims to serve 23,800 packets of food daily both the time. The exact figure of the underprivileged population is still not known in the twin-city. There are 34 distribution centres in six divisional offices of MBMC. However, beneficiaries want more distribution centres to avoid the rush.

The Administration has set up community kitchens to prepare both lunch and dinner. Interestingly, NGOs run by politicians are providing food to their strongholds to get into good books of their future voters.

Ziddi Maratha Samajik Prathisthan

“In the first week of the lockdown, there was repetition while serving ration and food. Both the MBMC Administration and NGOs served food twice at the same venue,” said Pradeep Jangam of Ziddi Maratha Pratisthan, an NGO helping poor, needy and migrants during this pandemic in Bhayandar area.

COVID-19 lockdown has made even hard-workers to stay at home. They have difficulties to provide two meals to their families. We are helping them. If you are privileged then thank God. Show some courtesy and help these poor people who are not so fortunate like you are. You can make God happy by bringing smiles on their faces. Donate online or donate ration kits. We are just called away,” appealed Jangam.

Bank Details of ZMSP

Name of the Bank: Bank of Maharashtra

Branch: Bhayandar (East)

Current A/c Number: 60169606160

IFSC Code: MAHB0001209

Google Pay: 9869851666

Haq Hai

“It’s difficult to run free food service straightaway for 40 days for a small-time NGO helping poor like us. NGOs headed by politicians get donations easily. We have been managing donations from youngsters. As they too are under tremendous pressure, I don’t think we will be able to continue,” said Sadique Basha, member of an NGO Haq Hai.

“We are serving ration packets to the needy directly. Individuals or migrants can go and take ready food packets from the distribution centres. However, what about the family of three or more,” question Basha.

As Ramzan has approached people can contribute their zakat so we can serve poor family better,” said Aquib Asnavi of the NGO.

Meanwhile, beneficiaries also demanded that food should be served on time. “On many days, we get lunch at around 3 pm and dinner at 11 pm. We request officials to give us food at the proper time. There have been many instances when we have faced a shortage of food,” said a beneficiary, who doesn’t wish to be named at Hyderi Chowk distribution centre.

To Donate Haq Hai

Google Pay to Saboor Ansari: 8451013337

For Ration donation Contact: Aquib Asnavi on 8055832912

For Helping Voluntarily Contact: Sadique Basha on 9892260795

Anfaal Foundation

NGOs, who were distributing food and rations to the needy have said that their resources were drying up with the extension of lockdown till May 3. Hasan Naqvi, a social activist from Mira Road who is working with the NGO Anfaal Foundation of Mumbai had also distributed ration packets to around 4,500 to 5,000 poor people since lockdown begins.

“We had no idea that the government will extend the lockdown. We had funds and plan until April 14. Now, we are facing difficulties providing rations to the needy people,” Naqvi said.

He said that the individuals are coming forward to donate, but they also have limitations. Alhamdolillah, Anfaal has completed the first phase of distribution and preparing for the second phase as Ramzan begins.   

“The best part of our food distribution system was that we were going door to door. We are following social distancing and lockdown norms. It dithered them coming out,” he added.

Anwar Naqvi, who is also working with Anfaal Foundation, said that if they stop providing food, the needy will come out in search of food and work. “If we don’t receive funds, we will have no option. We are planning to distribute rations to 8000 families in 40 spots of Mumbai Metropolitan Region(MMR),” Naqvi added.

Anfaal had distributed 4,500 food packets containing five kg rice, three kg dal, salt, oil etc. “The beneficiaries of the first round are calling us up and asking for more. But, we have funds constraint,” both Naqvis said.

Anfaal Foundation has ijaza(permission) of khums from Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Al-Sistani. So, the muqallid(followers) of Ayatullah Sistani can channelize their donation here.  

Bank Details of Anfaal Foundation

Name of the Bank: DCB Bank

Current A/c Number: 00921300002639

IFSC Code: DCBL0000009

Branch: Hasanabad, Mazgaon, Mumbai  

Paytm: 7700014515

Citizen for Justice and Peace(CJP)

We are locked in by a deadly Corona Virus pandemic, and many among us do not have the privilege of an assured paycheque. Some of Mumbai and Maharashtra’s most marginalized people need us to step in, so no one is forced to starve amidst this crisis.

Be it families of Mumbai’s orphans, destitute, homeless, thela wallas, taxi and auto-rickshaw drivers, vegetable vendors, carpenters, scrap purchasers, delivery boys, waiters, domestic helps, people with HIV/AIDS, transgender persons, they all need our immediate assistance to survive.

“CJP is helping 300 families of mathadi workers and daily wage earners in Mangelwadi Basti, Santacruz (West) and another 150 families each in both Goregaon (East) and Mira Road. With a small contribution of merely Rs 3,000 you can take care of the basic nutritional needs of a family of 5 for a month. The relief package will include wheat flour, rice, pulses, oil, sugar, Rava, poha, tea, washing and bath soap,” said Social Activist and Founder of CJP Teesta Setalvad.

Additionally, they have received appeals from 5,000 more low-income families of zardozi and kadia workers, daily-wage workers from the North East facing social ostracism, households led by single women and widows. “To help these people, we are partnering with Bhakar Foundation, Tangkhul Welfare Society Mumbai as well as many other groups working with transgenders, elderly and orphans,” said the founder of CJP.

CJP’s delivery trucks are making stops at Malwani, Gorai, Goregaon, Mira Bhayandar, Khar Danda, Juhu Koliwada, Kalina, Bandra (East), Mumbai Central, Mumbra, and even Navi Mumbai! “All donations to CJP are 50% tax-exempt under section 80G of IT Act, 1961 and donors should be Indian citizens only,” said Setalvad.

Bank Details of Citizens for Justice and Peace
Savings Account No:
Bank Name: HDFC Bank
Branch: Santacruz (West)
MICR Code: 400240017

Salute to individuals

Not only NGO s helping poor but many individuals are also working day and night for making sure that no one goes hungry in this city. salutes those individuals also. There are few those who witnesses working on their individuals’ capacity helping poor, police personnel, health staff and MBMC staff. Here are few those: Faizullah Shaikh, Salim Khan, Zahid Kazi(all from Congress); Mustafa Vanara, Irfan Khan, Salman Hashmi(all from Shiv Sena); Ranvir Bajpai, Imran Shaikh Raja (both from BJP); Shankar Jha(Real Estate), Mangru Rajput(Begger), Sameer Rupani(25Muharram Team), Rohit Suvarna(Ex-Corporator and journalist) and Krishna Gupta(RTI activists).

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