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Have guts then demolish unauthorized 24 hotels out of 124: Minister Jitendra Awhad Challenges MBMC Chief

Now, it’s our responsibility to strengthen the party sincerely with those who remained then Naya Nagar will not remain fort for long to anyone: Awhad

Challenging the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Commissioner Dr Vijay Rathod, Senior Nationalist Congress Party leader and Housing Development Minister Jitendra Awhad said that if you have guts then we are giving you 124 illegal hotels and lodges list, just take action on only 24 out of it. He said, “The Municipal Chief should not work as a member of any political party and do not take action biasedly.”

“You have taken action on our member’s hotel thrice in a week, whereas others left untouched. Isn’t the action was unbiased?” questioned Awhad.

“I challenge the commissioner to take action against the hotels on CRZ1 and tribal’s land. If you have honesty and responsibility towards your duty, then demolish the structures,” he said.

Warning the IAS officer, Housing Development Minister said, “If the commissioners are working to please anyone, then the rope is in our hand. Municipal officials here behave like if they belong to one party. We keep a watch on who is doing what, how many years he has been in the office, who are corrupt.”

“Let us do our work, and you do your work. However, don’t try to strangle our workers’ neck or make hurdle in between,” warned Jitendra Awhad.  

Even warned NCP’s city head

Warning the Nationalist Congress Party District President Santosh Pendurkar, former National President Awhad said, “Don’t lie with the party or senior. You said there are 95 ward presidents and 30+20+13 other officer bearers. However, I am not seeing that much strength here. Don’t try to trap yourself. Say the truth. We do not want to deceive ourselves.

Addressing to the NCP members, he said, “It is past that we were number one here. Forget that who went away. Now, it’s our responsibility to strengthen the party sincerely with those who remained. You should work in other’s strong areas. Naya Nagar konacha balekilla rahnar nahi (Naya Nagar will not remain fort for long).”

In the event, Anand Paranjpe, Former Thane MP and NCP’s Mira Bhayandar Coordinator; Santosh Dhuwali, Mira Bhayandar Observer; Pramod Sarode, NCP’s Mira Bhayandar Youth wing Observer; Sajid Patel, Mira Bhayandar’s Youth wing President and Prem Yadav, spokesperson have graced the stage.