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CM Thackeray gives nod to MBMC chief for rigorous testing of suspected Patients

Maharashtra Chief Minister asks MBMC Chief Dange to ‘chase the virus and trace the suspect’ and suggest to form Task Force with experts in the line of state government

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Friday asked Mira Bhayandar Municipal Commissioner to contain the death rate, which is higher than the state average and to slow down the doubling rate. CM Thackeray asked MBMC chief through a video conferencing to rigorously follow the principle of ‘chase the virus and trace the suspect’. He also asked to constitute task forces of expert doctors from the Indian Medical Association (IMA) to reduce the fatality rate.

CM Thackeray also asked to trace the suspected patient and their close contact as early as possible to reduce the high mortality rate. He also said that the poor implementation of the guidelines increased the positive patients in the area. Thackeray was not happy over the smaller number of tracing of the high and low-risk contacts in Mira-Bhayandar. He gave nod for rigorous testing of suspected cases and their close contact.

CM Thackeray also suggested that the Task Force should be formed in MBMC with the help of experienced doctors from IMA. “It will help the district authorities to follow the guidelines issued by the union health and family welfare ministry while treating the virus,” added Thackeray.

MBMC Commissioner Chandrakant Dange was told to go in for more tracing and rigorous testing. Mira-Bhayandar administration has been asked to improve its doubling rate.

Mortality rate

The state’s doubling rate has improved to 25.9 days on June 16, from 3.5 days on March 31 and 10.2 days on April 30 and 20.1 days on May 31. The fatality rate of the state stands at 4.77% against the national rate of 3.30%. Whereas, MBMC mortality rate was 4.91 on Friday while the doubling rate is 15 to 16 days. Presently, it is 12 days.  

Mira-Bhayandar has said 2152 cases and has stated 103 deaths on Saturday.

Chief secretary Ajoy Mehta said that the unfold price is excessive in which the tracing of the contacts of any tremendous patient is much less than 10 human beings. He also directed to minutely screen the flats or homes with effective patients.

We are ready to handle: Dange

However, Dange confirming the development said, “We are ready to handle any situation in the MBMC jurisdiction. We are converting two Municipal auditoriums into the 371 beds with oxygen COVID Health centre. These will be ready within seven to 10 days. We are increasing the capacity of beds with oxygen at Pandit Bhimsen Joshi COVID designated Hospital. Here, 150 beds are in hospital with 22 ICU facility beds and 100 beds are in COVID Health centre. We are providing all the beds with oxygen facility and increasing 45 more beds with ICU facility.”

Hoping for more ventilators from the government. Mr Dange said, “We have 18 ventilators and demanded 45 more from the government. MBMC has sent the proposal for it. We are acquiring a community centre at Hyderi Chowk and with 70 beds, we will convert that also into the hospital. At Hyderi Chowk, we will have 25 ICU beds and remaining will be oxygen beds.”

“We are in talks with the studio in Kashi Gaon. If the situation persists, we will convert it into a hospital or COVID care centre.  Citizens should not panic about the situation. Strictly, they should follow the guidelines,” said the civic chief. 

“At present, there are 2244 beds at COVID Care Centre available with MBMC. We have 814 beds capacity at Samruddhi COVID Care Centre. However, there are around 425 patients admitted there.