Shiv Sena workers protest against BJP-MBMC by Planting in potholes on the Road
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Shiv Sena workers protest against BJP-MBMC, Plant a sapling in potholes

Because of the deplorable condition of roads in Mira Bhayandar, the Shiv Sena has carried out a unique agitation. Shiv Sena workers protested against the ruling BJP and Municipal Corporation by plant a sapling in potholes. Shiv Sena spokesperson Shailesh Pandey blamed the ruling BJP and MBMC administration for the deplorable condition of the roads.

There are hundreds of small and big pot-holes across the main Mira Bhayandar Road Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Road as well as interior roads of the twin-city.

In the name of road construction and repair, the ruling BJP and its local leaders in Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation have run rampant corruption with the connivance of the issue. Roads potholes’ fillers and patchwork are not carried out as per technical instructions and the materials used in the work are of inferior quality. The roads have converted into potholes, literally.

Shiv Sena alleged that the MBMC has given the contract to the same contractor. MBMC has given the contract to M/s A.I.C Infrastructure for a whopping Rs 35 crore, last years. However, the MBMC has extended the contract to the same contractor despite the shoddy work.

What they say

“The rains have not stopped from the last few days. This is not only hampering our repair work but restricting the use of dense bituminous macadam (DBM). However, repair work using WBM (water-bound macadam) was on most of the internal roads.” said a senior PWD officer.

“The ruling BJP and MBMC administration are working with the contractors on percentages basis,” alleged Shailesh Pandey, Spokesperson, Shiv Sena.

Under the leadership of MLA Pratap Sarnaik, District Chief Prabhakar Mhatre, corporator Raju Bhoir, Kamlesh Bhoir participated in the movement. Elias Bandya, Helen George, Sharmila Baggaji, District organizer Snehal Sawant also participated in the protest. Pappu Bhise, Shivshankar Tiwari, Mustafa Vanara and others had joined the movement plant the sapling. Shiv Sainiks staged an agitation in some places. They planted saplings in potholes at many places. At some places, they left the paper boats in the potholes filled with water.