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Mira Bhayandar SRTO will share 17% of Thane RTO workload: Minister Anil Parab

While inaugurating the new Sub Regional Transport Office (SRTO) Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra Transport Minister Anil Parab said that this sub-centre will share the 17 per cent workload of the existing Thane RTO hence the work efficiency will be more. He inaugurated the SRTO near the MBMT Bus Depot located at the Ghodbunder Village in Kashimira on Monday.

Minister Anil Parab said it was the fulfilment of a long-pending demand from the people of the area. Pratap Sarnaik met thrice this year for the SRTO in the twin city.

Parab said, “17 per cent of the Thane RTO workload will be taken care of by this SRTO. Now, people no longer would have to go to Thane for motor vehicle documentation requirements. This will save their fuel, time as well as energy.”  

The Mira Bhayandar region has a population between 12-15 lakh. It was essential that facilities are ramped up here, the minister added.

Finally, this SRTO has ended the ordeal faced by the citizens of Mira Bhayandar.

The minister also handed over the first driving license generated by the newly inaugurated SRTO.  

“This SRTO issues, two-wheelers and four-wheelers learning as well as permanent licences from today. However, the service of three-wheelers passing has to be done from Thane, presently. Nevertheless, we are working on it, if track build, the service will start soon here,” informed Pratap Sarnaik, MLA from Ovala-Majiwada.      

The building for Sub Regional Transport Office is ready. Six windows are operational here. There are 1500 new licence applications and 800 renewals pending in Thane RTO from Mira Bhayandar. However, they will be shifted from there to new SRTO.    

Revenue generator centre

In March, Pratap Sarnaik met Mr Parab and asked for the Sub Regional Transport Office at Mira Bhayandar. Mr Parab had confirmed the SRTO and it had decided for the opening of the office on May 01, Maharashtra Diwas and International Labour’s Day. However, due to Coronavirus Pandemic, the Ministry has postponed the inauguration ceremony.

Out of the 685 crores annual revenue generated by the Thane RTO, Mira Bhayandar contributes around 115 crores. “The SRTO will save time, fuel and energy of nearly 600 to 700 people who daily travelled to Thane for their RTO related work,” said Pratap Sarnaik.

The officials point out that the new unit will be able to carry out more awareness campaigns on safe driving and enforcement activities to track offenders. However, they required the number of patrol vehicles and staff to ensure effective functioning.

Thane MP Rajan Vichare, MLA Pratap Sarnaik, MLA Geeta Jain also grace the occasion with their presences.