Fishing Boat capsizes in Arabian Sea
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Fishing Boat capsizes in Arabian Sea, eleven rescued; two still missing

The Lucky Star fishing boat from Gorai capsized in the Arabian Sea on Tuesday morning due to the high tides and unconditional weather at Uttan, Bhayandar. Luckily, eleven people were rescued by their counterpart from Uttan. Unfortunately, two fishermen are still missing and fire brigade personnel are being in search. Another boat from Uttan got stuck in the Arabian Sea due to engine failure. Yellow Gate Police have been informed about it.

With the resumption of the fishing season on August 1, the boats have set sailing. However, from the last two days, the Arabian Sea has witnessed the heavy rains and stormy weather. At around 8.30 am on Tuesday, a big wave flooded the Lucky Star fishing boat owned by Julius Chunekar at Gorai and due to it, the boat capsized after tumbling. Thirteen people on the boat were jumped into the water. However, the fishermen remained floated for about four hours with the help of fibre pellets.

The wreckage of the sunken Lucky Star boat was floating into the sea. Some of the debris was spotted by fishermen of the God-King boat at Uttan. They were at the distance when they reached nearby, they saw people seeking help. The boat rescued 11 people floating in the water. However, two persons – Manish and Satish — in the boat are still missing. Their searches are being on until the news was published. The 11 survivors have been brought to Chowk Port in Uttan, Bhayandar.

Another boat stuck in Sea

Apart from this, another Devsandesh fishing boat from Uttan has stuck in the sea due to engine failure. As there are no other fishing boats nearby, the fishermen are stranded at sea. Yellow Gate police have been informed about this. The Navy is being notified by the Uttan Coastal Police.

On August 02, Devsandesh with 15 fishermen was taken to the Arabian Sea for fishing. However, after MET warns the boat’s engine, on its way back, broke down. The boat got stuck in the sea since Tuesday. According to the sources, the boat is about 45 km away from the Uttan shore. The boat owner Nestor Anthony Munis has informed the Uttan Coastal Police. The search is on.