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Exclusive: Medical Council initiates inquiry against Wockhardt Hospital’s doctor for ‘botched’ surgery

Medical Council initiated inquiry against Wockhardt Hospital doctor

Taking note of the botched appendectomy to remove appendicitis at the Wockhardt Hospital, that led to intestine leakage in the patient, Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) has initiated an internal inquiry against Wockhardt Hospital doctor after patient and her husband approached the council.

What’s the matter

Dr. Brijesh Sheshnarayan Dube

Dr Brijesh Sheshnarayan Dube has performed the appendectomy to remove appendicitis on December 29, 2018. However, Doctor discharged her on December 31 despite high fever and pain. When the relatives asked the doctor, he said it’s a post-surgery symptom. Nevertheless, the fever reached 104 °F on January 1, 2019. “When I took her again, the doctor said it’s due to malaria or dengue and recommend to do test accordingly,” said Sabir Sheikh, husband of Samia Ali Sheikh, the patient whose health deteriorated.

“Though my appendicitis was very small and can be cured by oral medicine, the doctor performed the surgery. He saw my husband I-card and asked him, do you and your wife covered in insurance?” alleged Samia Ali Sheikh.

“When Sabir nods his head in positive, the doctor said if the surgery not performed within half an hour then her appendicitis will burst,” alleges Samia.

She further claimed that Dr Dube has cut and burned the intestine during appendectomy surgery.

Running post to pillar   

Mrs and Mr Sabir Shaikh

“Then I had taken her to Bhaktivedanta Hospital but her condition further deteriorated and after CT scan and sonography doctor said she has infected fluid in her body with swelling and constant high degree fever. They recommended to take her to Kokilaben Hospital and arranged everything for transportation,” said Sabir Sheikh.

Bhaktivedanta Hospital’s doctor asked for surgery CD to study the case. However, When Sabir Sheikh asked CD of the surgery at the Wockhardt Hospital in the noon, they refused to provide that telling it’s not in their policy. “When I refused to leave the hospital until I get the video of the surgery; they had given me at 5:30 pm on January 9, 2019,” said Sabir.  

 After that, Dr Manoj Jain has performed the surgery at Andheri Hospital. Kokilaben Ambani has discharged her on January 14.

Approached to MMC     

Sabir and Samia Sheikh then approached the Maharashtra Medical Council to start proceedings against Dr Murtuza Khorakiwala, Director, Wockhardt Hospital and Dr Brijesh Dube, appendectomy performer.

However, the council observed that Dr Khorakiwala has ‘no role’ in the whole episode. So, they drop him from the inquiry. “After detailed discussion and deliberation, as the committee has observed that, Dr Murtaza Khorakiwala has not treated the patient at any point of time. Further complainant has no allegations against him. However, inquiry against Dr Brijesh Sheshnarayan Dube to proceed,” said Sanjay Deshmukh, Registrar, MMC.

Medical Council Observation

Issuing a notice on the charges, MMC asked Dr Dube of Wockhardt Hospital to report the council within 15 days. However, on an examination of the material documents produced along with complaint Ethical Committee and Executive Committee have observed that a prima facie case exists for holding an inquiry against Dr Dube. “Dr Dube’s conduct in the matter of the aforesaid complaint was not good. His preliminary diagnosis was not proper as per the medical notes. Patient’s CBC/WBC report does not show anything about appendicitis,” observed the committee.

Seriously, the committee’s third point read as “After the surgery, there was blow out. The doctor has not managed it properly.”

With serious allegation, the committee said, “Without concern, USG report of Bhaktivedanta Hospital Dr Dube had operated the patients.”

And the Executive Committee of Maharashtra Medical Council in its fifth observation points says, “When the patient turned up for the follow-up, Dr Dube had not treated the patient properly.”

Council asked Dr Dube to report within 15 days and furnish witnesses in his defence if any. “Failing which, Council will presume that he does not wish to make any statement or to furnish any witnesses. Council will take action against the accused doctor with penalties specified in clause (b) of sub-section (1) of section 22 of Maharashtra Medical Council Act, 1965,” said Mr Deshmukh.

When contacted Dr Brijesh Dube, he refused to comment on the issue and disconnect the phone.

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