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Two accidents in same spot; Former Health Minister injured, admitted to hospital

Dr. Deepak Sawant met with an accident

Former Health Minister Dr. Deepak Sawant car accident was admitted to hospital. While in another accident ambulance got damaged.

Mumbai Ahmedabad National Highway is getting more dangerous day by day. Every day we can hear about small or big accidents here. Even today, two incidents have come to light. A former Health Minister Dr. Deepak Sawant’s car met with an accident. Deepak Sawant’s car was hit by a dumper. Dr. Deepak Sawant was on his way to Palghar this morning. A dumper hit his car in the Kashimira area. In this accident, Sawant suffered a neck injury. Dr. Sawant has been admitted to a hospital in Andheri. He was carried by ambulance to the Andheri hospital.

According to the information received, Dr. Deepak Sawant left Ashram Vidyalaya in Palghar this morning to discuss the death of students with the authorities. Sawant’s car was hit from behind by a speeding dumper near Kashimira on the Western Highway.

In the second incident, the ambulance suffered an accident; fortunately, there were no casualties

An accident took place between a tempo and an ambulance on the Ahmedabad National Highway at around 12.30 pm in Mira Gaonthan of Kashimira.

Around 12:30 PM, an ambulance took the patients from this route. An Eicher Tempo and an ambulance collided head-on on the flyover in Mira Gaonthan. The said vehicles have suffered major damage and fortunately no casualties were reported. As soon as the Kashimira traffic police got the information about this incident, they reached the spot.

The patients of this ambulance have been shifted to a nearby hospital in another ambulance. The driver of the tempo who was trying to escape after hitting the ambulance was caught by passers-by and handed over to the Kashimira police. After the accident, there was a traffic jam for some time. However, police said that the ambulance affected in the accident was moved to the side with the help of a crane and the traffic was cleared.

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