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MBVV Police ‘quick response’ rescue woman from Oman

Woman Rescued from Oman MBVV Headquarters

A 30-year-old woman from Vasai, who had gone to Oman for domestic work, was rescued by the Mira Bhayander Vasai Virar Police. After receiving a complaint from her mother, the police of the special branch of the MBVV Commissionerate followed up on the case properly and successfully rescued the woman safely and brought her to India within five days.

Anju Verma (30), daughter of Kamlavati Paras Verma (50), a resident of Vasai Koliwada, went to Muscat, Oman for work. She went there on August 25, last year. However, she was finding it difficult to work there and she decided to discontinue work there and wanted to come back to India. When Verma said that she want to return back her agent in Oman, Prasanna refuses to give her passport and visa that were deposited with him as security. She stayed at Muscat Airport for three days, and then contacted her mother and said the ordeal. After that, Kamlavati approached the Vasai police station on January 4 and registered the complaint and pleaded for help.

“As soon as the application was received by the Special Branch, Passport Department of Vasai Police Station, the officers at the Passport Department immediately contacted Anju Verma. Then, we came to know that Agent Prasanna had extended Anju’s visa for 2 years. Also, he had paid the money that’s why he doesn’t want her to leave the country. Because of this, he was not giving her passport and visa,” said Police Inspector Kumar Gaurav Dhadwad.

How police approached

The police then sent an e-mail to the Indian Embassy in Muscat. They told them all the facts, requesting them to help Anju. Ambassador accepted the request to give her maximum help and shelter her. Then, Indian Embassy asked her to reach the office as soon as possible.

Accordingly, after she reached the Indian Embassy, they approached her visa sponsor and completed all the legal formalities. On January 9, Anju reached India safely after her visa was cancelled by the Labour Court. Anju Verma and her mother expressed their gratitude towards the police for their quick response. And, making her return safely to her home country.

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