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MBVV police launches awareness drive against Chain Snatching

chain snatching awareness drive

Mira Bhyandar Vasai Virar Police has launched an awareness drive against a chain-snatching where police through the pamphlets on social media, published the dos and don’ts and circulated it.

After the campaign ‘Mission Begins again’ and ‘Unlock’ started, there was an alarming rise in the chain snatching incidents in the twin-city. “This is happening to women and senior citizens who were on the morning walk,” said Kailash Barve, Sr. PI, Naya Nagar Police Station.

Many cases of theft by the ‘fake’ cops on the bike also registered in the last three months. Though MBVV Police Commissionerate intensified the vigilance and activated their ‘khabri’ network, the incidents not stopped. Now police has launched a campaign to make aware the citizens how to stay safe from these snatchers.

“These miscreants come from outside the twin-city and target morning walkers and senior citizens. They snatched mangalsutra & gold chains and disappears very soon from the spot,” said ACP Vilas Sanap.    

Apart from corner meetings at strategic locations, an elaborate campaign has been launched on social media platforms by officials from the various police stations in the twin-city on how to avoid being the victim of chain snatchings and robbery.

What people should do?

In a very first point of awareness drive against chain snatching, the police discouraged people from wearing ornaments during morning walks. “However, even if you do so, ensure that gold chains should be hiding under the T-Shirt or whatever you wear. But don’t exhibit the ornament,” said Barve.

In its second point police appealed people to walk on the footpath instead of the road. “However, if there is no footpath then jog left side of the road,” said Sandip Kadam, Sr. PI, Mira Road Police Station.

Nevertheless, most of the footpaths are occupied by the shops’ displays. “How can one walk or jog on the footpaths. Most of the footpaths have encroached by the shops to display their flexes. Some occupied it to exhibit their products. MBMC failed to empty the encroached footpath,” said Saji Ippapachan.  

In its third and last point, police appealed, “Most of the bike which used for this type of activity is either red or black. If citizens go alone on the walk then they should keep a safe distance from these bikes. Be alert, if you see two people wearing helmets or cover their faces with a handkerchief.”

MBVV police requested people to circulate the message and aware others through social media. Citizens can alert police through Mobile No. 8657936949.

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