RBL Bank data skimmed
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Hidden camera, card skimmer found in RBL Bank ATM kiosk, customers money withdrawn

A hidden camera and data skimming devices have been recovered from the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) kiosk of a reputed RBL Bank in Mira Road, after which police have appealed to the bank customers to be extra vigilant while withdrawing cash from the ATM.

Mira Road Police has filed a case in this regard on Tuesday and started an investigation. There is an ATM centre adjacent to the RBL Bank branch in at Kanakia area of Mira Road.

Maruti Patil, a security guard on duty, noticed some devices detached from the unit and money has been thrown out of the machine. Immediately, he alerted the assistant branch manager Rohit Kavar over the phone. Kavar reached the spot and found a micro camera and data skimming device that had been installed on the ATM. Patil does his duty between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Later, no one protects the ATM kiosk at night.   

A data skimmer has been installed to copy the debit card of the customer. This was planted on the slot where the card is inserted. Significantly, a hidden camera has been planted with a battery and a 16 GB memory card over the keypad. This camera captures the PIN of the customer.

Kavar has lodged a complaint with the Mira Road police station on April 5 after it was found that money have been withdrawn from some customers’ bank accounts from the said ATM.

Police registered offence

Meanwhile, Police have registered an offence under sections 420, 511 of the IPC against unidentified miscreants.

Even though a majority of ATM kiosks have CCTV cameras, the question arises, whether footage from them is monitored? After this incident, there is a demand to keep 24 hours security in the ATMs. Police suggested keeping the CCTV system and footage under surveillance. Police are examining the footage of the camera and data skimmer. However, police are investigating exactly how many customers were duped and how much was withdrawn from the account.