Fake Caste Certificate : Neela Soans Narendra Mehta Kherwadi Police
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Fake Caste Certificate: Order to register a case against BJP corporator, relief for Ex- MLA Mehta

Soans had accused former legislator MLA Narendra Mehta of raping her. A case had been registered against the Ex-MLA and his close friend of rape and atrocity.

BJP corporator in Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation Neela Bernard Taneja Soans has been found to have submitted forged documents to obtain the caste certificate. District Caste Verification Committee has declared Soans’ caste certificate as invalid. The committee has ordered to file a case against BJP corporator. Nevertheless, she will be charged for forging documents. This has brought some relief to former BJP MLA Narendra Mehta. Experts say that atrocity act may drop but rape case will be continued.

Significantly, the investigation revealed that Neela Soans had obtained the caste certificate based on forged documents. After that, the District Caste Verification Committee declared her certificate as invalid. The committee has ordered to file a case forgery case against Soans.

Neela Soans had accused the former Mira-Bhayandar MLA Narendra Mehta of rape. Later, he was charged with rape and atrocity.

Now, Soan’s caste certificate has been declared invalid, atrocity charges may drop. However, this is a sigh of relief for former legislator and businessman. The video of Soans accusing Narendra Mehta of sexual harassment, shoots outside the IG Konkan Office, went viral after the Mayoral election.

What are the allegations?

MBMC’s BJP corporator Neela Soans had alleged that former BJP MLA Narendra Mehta had sexually assaulted her. In her complaint, she also accused Mehta, being the father of her son. Her whole family have a life threat from the former legislator. She had also accused that Mehta had exploited the party’s several other female members.

“Earlier also, I had said that I was falsely accused in this. I knew that all the documents she had submitted were forged. On August 10, the District Caste Verification Committee declared the caste certificate invalid. Unfortunately, there are false charges of atrocity against me. Soon, you will see, doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani ho jayega. We have full faith in the judiciary system,” said Mehta.

Several attempts were made to reach her but failed. However, Soans didn’t reply despite having online on social media.