Fake Caste Certificate : Neela Soans Narendra Mehta Kherwadi Police
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BJP corporator Neela Soans booked twice in three days

Neela Soans, a BJP Corporator in the MBMC has booked twice in three days by two different police headquarters. In the first case, Mira Road Police booked Neela Soans for creating ruckus at school. While in the second case, Kherwadi Police registered a case of forging the documents for acquiring Caste Certificate.  After this, once again she has become the talk of the town.

First Case:

In the first case, she has been booked by Mira Road Police for forcefully entering the International school premises and put her hold on it. Kunal Vaishnav has taken the place at Laxmi Park area for running a school from Neela Soans. However, Soans was forcing him to vacant the place, as he was unable to pay the rent due to lockdown.  However, the agreement of the place is till March 2021.

On August 03, Vaishnav had complained about the Soans at the Mira Road Police Station.  He had also filed a complaint at the Thane Court regarding the same. However, on 26th August, she served the notice to the school to empty the premises. On August 30, Neela Soans along with two other women forcefully break the gate and entered the school premises. They fought with the staff and management and took possession of the school.  After this, Vaishnav had a complaint to Mira Road Police Station.   

Second Case:

On August 10, BJP corporator Neela Bernard Taneja Soans had been found to have submitted forged documents to obtain the caste certificate. District Caste Verification Committee has declared Soans’ caste certificate as invalid. The committee had ordered to file a case against the Soans. However, on September 03, Mumbai’s Kherwadi Police has booked Neela Soans.

Using this certificate, Neela Soans had registered an FIR against Former BJP MLA Narendra Mehta at Mira Road police station. Soans had said that the Former MLA had sexually harassed her and his close friend threaten her and asked her to shift in Dubai. Mira Road Police had booked both of them in atrocity act, because of the caste certificate.

In this case, on August 10, the Mumbai Suburban District Caste Verification Committee had ruled that the documents submitted for caste certificate were counterfeit. Therefore, Kherwadi Police has registered a case against the corporator under Sections 11 and 12 of the Maharashtra Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Deprived Castes, Nomadic Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Special Backward Classes Act, 2000.  The complainant in the case is Tanaji Bhagat, Inspector, Vigilance Committee.