COVID-19 Hospitals in Mira Bhayandar, beds and its Contact number

Here is the list of hospitals, number of dedicated beds and contact details offering testing and treatment for COVID-19 in Mira-Bhayandar.

1. Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Hospital, Bhayandar (150 beds)   COVID – 19 Helpline Number 022-28117102, COVID – 19 Control Room  022-28042738

2. Bhakti Vedanta Hospital & Research Institute (100 beds), 022-71452500, 022-61882500

3. Family Care Hospital, Mira Road (100 beds), 022 4162 0831

4. Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road (90 beds),  081081 01104

5. Sheth P V Doshi Hospital (Conducted by Bhakti Vedanta Hospital), Mira Road (40 beds), 022 6230 3300

6. Tanwar Hospital, Mira Road (25 beds), 022 2855 2002

7. Thunga Hospital, Bhayandar (25 beds), 022 2855 6300

8. Gurukrupa Hospital, Mira Road (24 beds), 022-28122221

9. Shalom Medicare Pvt Ltd, Bhayandar (30 beds),  080 3966 4236

10. Sham Bharati Hospital, Mira Road (20 beds),  084337 99866

11. Padmaja Hospital & ICU, Bhayandar (30 beds),  072080 44418

12. Global Multispeciality Hospital, Mira Road (30 beds), 022 2812 3737

13. Orbit Hospital, Mira Road (25 beds),  022 2845 4999

14. Ashish Hospital, Kashigaon, Mira Road (20 beds),  086910 66662

15. Galaxy Hospital, Mira Road (20 beds),  022 6455 4444

16. Neptune Hospital, Mira Road (25 beds), 9819800784, 9819800785

The Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) has brought 80 per cent of beds in all private hospitals across its jurisdiction under its purview. The municipal corporation says that the government has regulated the usage of private hospital bed capacity and has also capped the prices of treatments that can be billed to patients. However, COVID-19 hospitals are allowed to charge their rates in the remaining 20 per cent beds.

Revised Charges

Among other things, the State Government has capped the routine ward and isolation bed rates at Rs 4,000. It has fixed the ICU beds rates without ventilators, at Rs 7,500 per day. Whereas, it has capped the rates of an ICU bed with ventilator support at Rs 9,000.

The State Government has also capped package rates of nearly 270 procedures and surgeries, including cancer treatments.

Similarly, the State Government has capped the charges for non-Covid patients in private hospitals. For instance, the charges for an angiography procedure at Rs 12,000. While the hospitals can charge a maximum of Rs 1.2 lakh for an angioplasty. According to the notification, normal delivery at a private hospital cannot be charged more than Rs 75,000. However, delivery through a basic caesarean section has been capped at Rs 86,250.

The package rates fixed by the government will be an all-inclusive rate including doctors’ fees, OT charges, room rent, investigations, implants, drugs among other charges. PPE costs are not included in the package rate.  High-end drugs being tried in COVID-19 treatment, like Meropenem, immunoglobulin, Tocilizumab, etc have to be charged at MRP.

Hospitals also cannot charge more than 10 per cent mark-up on the net procurement cost of items. Services such as medical implants, lenses, pacemakers, prosthesis, PPE kits etc, which do not fall part of GIPSA-PPN or insurance package rates also not charge more than 10 per cent.

High-end tests such as CT, MRI scans, Radiation, Stress test, Liver profile, among others will be charged as on actuals based on tariff as on December 31, 2019. Blood and blood products charges are also not capped.