Ashok Tiwari of BJP posed under Prune Tree on World Environment Day
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Shocking! Trees damaged by Municipal Corporation on World Environment Day

The fifth June is celebrated as World Environment Day. This year also it is celebrated by some amid lockdown due to Coronavirus. Many Peoples’ representative photo-opt for it. However, Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) has decided to prune the trees for the beautification purpose but instead of pruning scientifically, they damage the trees. They only left the trunks without branches and leaves. Environment lovers have raised the issue of this genocide of trees.

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Earlier, the then Municipal Commissioner, then MLAs, officials, contractors as well as private individuals have been charged under the Environmental Protection Act for damaging the environment.

Unreasonably and unscientifically pruning as well as poor maintenance of trees has always been a point of contention here. Shockingly, Standing Committee Chairman in MBMC Ashok Tiwari posed for a photo with a damaged tree and circulated it. His behaviour was talk of the town on Friday. It was showing his insensitivity towards the environment.

“Despite being World Environment Day on Friday, the municipality’s Tree Authority had carried out pruning operations in the twin city. Disgracefully, instead of pruning, the ruthless chopping took place which could stunt the growth of trees causing mutation, consequently disrupting the natural fauna. Bird nests on trees were also not considered. Many residents were outraged as some of the trees were trimmed so badly that no branches were left,” said Dhiraj Parab, an environment lover and social worker.

Earlier Reported

On February 1, has published the news on how MBMC’s poor maintenance of AmrutVan has damaged it at Ramdev Park in Mira Road. The MBMC has spent nearly Rs. 2 crores in the plantation of the trees under the scheme ‘Amrutvan’.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has issued the guidelines to follow the trimming of the tree. However, it seems that MBMC’s Tree Authority and representatives are working for damaging the environment.

What they say

Mayor Jyotsna Hasnale was also outraged to see such insensitive behaviour of the Tree Authority on World Environment Day. She directed the officials Nagesh Virkar and Hansraj Meshram not to carry out such type of chopping.

“Appropriate guidelines will be given to the concerned authority to ensure proper trimming work,” said MBMC Commissioner Chandrakant Dange.