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Person dies after falling in overflowing Nullah at Kashimira

A person fell and died in the overflowing nullah at Mira Gaothan, near Gaondevi Temple in Kashimira area.  The nullah started overflowing due to heavy rains continues from Monday night. However, this has falsified the MBMC’s claimed that they have cleaned all the gutters. Nevertheless, Mira Bhayandar has witnessed the water blockages in most of the areas.

A 47-year-old Rakesh Dhirubhai Harsora, a resident of Gayatri Society in Mira Gaothan, drown in a nullah on Wednesday evening. However, people tried to rescue him but in vain. The local rescued another person from the nullah by the locals. Due to heavy rain, water flows from the hill situated at Sanjay Gandhi National Park to Mira Gaothan and Mahajanwadi areas. Due to this, a flood-like situation occurred, every year. Many vehicles severely damaged, due to waterlogged into engines.

Police and firefighters were informed about the Harsora’s missing. Personnel from fire brigade have removed his body from the nullah. Police have registered the accidental death report and sent the dead body to Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Hospital for autopsy.

How the incident happened

The wall of a gutter collapsed on Wednesday due to heavy rains since Monday night. “Water has barged into houses. Due to water goes into meter boxes, the power supply has been cut off. All household items were floating in the water. Even, it was not possible to make meals for the family,” said one of the residents.

Due to the high current of the water, many vehicles swept away in the nullah. In an action to save the vehicle, Rakesh Harsora also swept away with the water current. Later, his body recovered in the next colony.

The slum has come upon the government land situated in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Every year, people killed here, due to rainwater.

Falsified the claim

Amid lockdown, the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation has claimed that 100 per cent nullahs have been cleaned amid lockdown. However, by the flood-like situation, it seems that MBMC has wasted the money. The contractors should be blacklisted. Action should be taken against the responsible officers. Their claim has been refuted in two days of rains.