Congress Prakash Nagane smells corruption
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MBMC’s Gutter cleaning contract stink corruption: Congress Prakash Nagane

Every year, tenders are called for cleaning the drains before monsoon by the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC). Despite spending Rs 3 to 4 crores on drain cleaning, people witnessed waterlogging and flood-like situations in the twin city. That means work had not been done properly. However, no actions were taken against the contractor and bills have been passed by the corporation, alleges Congress Prakash Nagane.  

“If contractors are not doing their job properly, then punitive action should be taken against such contractor,” demands Prakash Nagane, Spokesperson, Congress, Mira Bhayandar.  

He says that the whole city witnesses waterlogged in the first rain as soon as the monsoon starts. “Even, after spending crores of rupees, if the condition of the city does not improve, then who is the responsible person for it?”, questioned Nagane.

For this, he demands a coordination committee, which should survey and keep watch on the contractors’ work in progress. “The coordination committee should be comprised of division officers, municipal officers, contractor’s representatives and local corporators. However, this committee does not exist, so the contractor does arbitrariness,” suggests the Congress Spokesperson.

However, MBMC Commissioner Dilip Dhole gives surprise visits to the places where work is going on. “Municipal Commissioner visits with the officer force the contractor to do the jobs best. He will refrain from doing the shabby works. Officers should be given responsibility in every prabhag to watch the contractor’s work. Once the tender passed the contractor works goes on ‘Ram Bharose’,” said Prakash Nagane.

He emphasizes the necessity of the coordination committee to review the pre and post-cleaning work and the progress of the work.

Smells corruption

There are 155 to 160 small drains/gutters in the twin city. Navghar Nullah, Jafari Khadi has not been cleaned yet wholly. Contractors do not provide any facilities like gumboots, gloves, or ropes to the cleaning labourers.

“On officer’s demands, I visited the Laxmi Bagh area where works of Nullah cleaning was going on, near Western Hotel on National Highway. The rickshaw driver told me that he provides 200 cleaners to the contractor. However, only 11 people were working on the spot. As soon as, I started questioning him, he fled from the spot. What’s going on here, God knows better. Will the municipal officers have any answer on this?, questioned Nagane.

Due to the accumulation of water in torrential rains, water goes to many houses in the compound, and flats in the societies. Due to this, people have suffered a huge loss financially as well as lives have been lost. Congress spokesperson Prakash Nagane has asked the commissioner to disclose the responsibility for the shabby work of the contractor. “Will the administration take the responsibility or it will be on the contractor?” He questioned the MBMC chief.