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MBMC opens door of private hotels as quarantine cell; Mayor, Oppn discontent

The administration of Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation (MBMC) has opened the door of 13 private hotels and lodges and allowed the suspected Corona patients to stay there at a whopping rate of Rs 2,500 per day. Nevertheless, the decision has invited criticism, as most of the hotels are being unauthorized and associated with the political activists. The Public Relations Department of MBMC has issued a press release in this regard on Tuesday evening.

The number of corona victims has crossed 4400-mark. As a result, the number of suspects is increasing day by day. The quarantine cells set up by the Municipal Corporation are insufficient. Therefore, many close contacts are being put under ‘home quarantine’. For this, the newly appointed Commissioner Dr.Vijay Rathod has approved for pay-and-use quarantine cells at 13 private hotels in the MBMC limits.

As per the release, single room for a single person can get on payment of Rs 2,500 per day (plus GST) including food. Several guidelines and protocols have been laid down by the civic body for lodge owners and people availing the facilities.

In the list given by the Municipal Corporation, 13 hotels are Heritage Resort(24 rooms), Hotel Samadhan(25), Hotel S. A. Residency(24), G.C.C. North Side Hotels(40), Hotel Shelter(30), Hotel Jaya Mahal (Bantas)(25), Hotel Prasad International(22), Hotel Mariyad(28), Hotel Sunshine Inn(36), Hotel Silverdoor(32), Hotel Cheena Garden(18), Anand Lodging and Boarding(7) and Hotel Aqua Regency(23).

Some of the rules formed by the MBMC release said, “Only vegetarian meals will be served to the suspects. However, alcohol will not be allowed in the hotel premises or the room. Ironically, doctors, medical staff and suspects will not be able to use the hotel’s lobby, gymnasium, and swimming pool. Although room services will not be provided, serving materials will be changed in every three days.

What they say

The commissioner has appealed to the suspects to take advantage of these private hotels as it has ‘affordable’ rates. However, mayor, oppositions, as well as ruling BJP corporators, have shown their discontent over the decision.

Mayor Jyotsana Hasnale said, “MBMC administration has not taken the peoples’ representative in confidence before making the decision. How middle class people can pay Rs 2500 per day? The decision is unjustified and we will oppose it.”

“The state government has granted 13 crores to the MBMC. The administration has already spent Rs 8 crores. However, they can only spend Rs 25 lakh and over that, they have to inform the Mayor and the Standing Committee Chairperson. They have not informed us about the expenditure,” said the first citizen of Mira Bhayandar.  

On the other hand, Zubair Inamdar, Congress Group leader in MBMC said, “This is an injustice with the poor. They don’t have money. There are so many municipal schools, auditoriums, community halls and reserved grounds. Now, it is inappropriate to keep suspects in private hotels with Rs 2500 per day.”

“As a ruling party, the BJP is trying to cover up its failures by discriminating among the patients. However, BJP has done nothing since lockdown. Even, they are not coordinating with the administration and eyeing only on personal gains, alleges Inamdar.

Along with Mayor and Congress Group leader, Corporators Vandana Bhavsar, Rita Shah, Veena Bhoir, Neelam Dhawan, Shanu Gohil, Ashraf Sheikh, Ganesh Shetty and others have opposed the MBMC’s decision.