Amrutvan at Ramdev Park
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MBMC negligence fails Amrutvan scheme in Mira-Bhayandar

The Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) has been exposed again for its insensitivity towards protecting the fading green cover. Because of the apathy of the MBMC, most of the plants have been dried up, which were planted under Amrutvan scheme.

The MBMC has spent nearly Rs. 2 crores in the plantation of the trees under the scheme ‘Amrutvan’. In which, a total of 22,406 plants of various varieties have been grown. However, the negligence from the civic body has dried up most of the plants planted in this scheme.

MBMC has selected Reservation No. 196, 230, 256, 261, 273 and 335 for plantation of trees. However, due to lack of manure, water and supervision, most of the plants are seems to be drying up. Naturally, the Central Government sponsored scheme of the year 2017-18 seems to be failed here. At the time of purchasing, the plants were originally above 2 meters of height. However, that doesn’t seem like that.

Reservation No. 230 at Ramdev Park, ​​Mira Road was reserved for the Green Zone Development Project Plan in 2017-18 and the Amritvan was implemented in that area. Barely, two years later, a large number of saplings which the here, have either failed to survive or are on the verge of dying. Thus, reducing the much-hyped tree plantation drive into a mere photo-op moment. This apathy is defeating the real purpose of increasing the green cover which had been undertaken by receiving funds from Central as well as state government funds. The funds provided by the government for the scheme seem to be wasting away.

Commissioner’s take

However, when asked about the negligence towards the green zone and the scheme, Mira Bhayandar Municipal Commissioner Balaji Khatgaonkar said, “Trees are found dead at one place. Else, everywhere are in good condition. Here, because of the negligence of another contractor, this has happened. We are looking into the matter.”