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Empty Coffers MBMC spending crores for Deputy Mayor Office’s renovation

Renovation of deputy mayor office

While the coffers of the MBMC are almost empty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and most of the employees are getting salary late, crores of taxpayers’ money are spending on unnecessary things. Now, MBMC has ordered for the renovation of the Deputy Mayor office, which is already in the good condition. Earlier, crores of rupees have been spent on luxuries of office bearers and officials including commissioner and mayor. Although, MBMC is in debt, however, that doesn’t make any sense for the corporators and officials.

Due to the current pandemic, the income of the MBMC has come to a standstill. Therefore, it was expected that the taxpayers’ money would be used sensibly and only for essential works. However, crores of money are being wasted for making the luxury office of the Deputy Mayor Hasmukh Gehlot. Nevertheless, the decision was taken in his predecessor Chandrakant Vaity’s regime.  

As said earlier, the office has minor repairing works and was in good condition. “However, spending crores and turning the premises into a luxurious corporate office is uncalled for. Simply, it seems that they don’t want a simple office,” said Pradeep Jangam, a social activist.

“When you are seeing that MBMC in the dire financial situation, you should have opposed the renovation. However, Deputy Mayor Hasmukh Gehlot has not seems or dare to do that. After all, his office is going to be a luxurious corporate office. This is annoying,” said Jangam.

What they say

However, when contacted Deputy Mayor Hasmukh Gehlot, he defended himself and said, “The beautification work of my office premises has approved much earlier than the outbreak of this pandemic. However, I have reduced the cost by cancelling many works like furniture, lighting, chairs etc. I will try to reduce the cost as much as possible.”

When contacted, Arvind Patil, Junior Engineer, MBMC, he said, “MBMC has sanctioned the budget for the renovation work of the Deputy Mayor’s office much earlier. Works are carried out as per the earlier sanctioned expenditure. Therefore, if seniors order to reduce expenditure, I will work on their instruction.”

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