Corona Scam hits MBMC
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BJP Corporator Munna Singh sniffed ‘Corona Scam’ in MBMC

Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) has come under the scanner over an alleged ‘corona’ scam in the purchase of essential items used in day to day activities for various quarantine and isolation centres.  BJP corporator Sri Prakash Singh alias Munna Singh has alleged that MBMC has purchased the essential items used in daily activities at inflated prices. In his complaint letter, Singh alleged that MBMC has paid 400 to 700 per cent more than the printed MRP on the items.

“Lakhs of rupees have been embezzled by buying all the items at unrealistic rates,” said Mr Singh.

The BJP has a majority in the MBMC and the party corporator has sniffed the corruption, raised the eyebrows.

Corporator Munna Singh held a press conference on Monday and alleged that there was massive corruption in the purchase. He displayed the material purchased by the corporation in the PC and shown the MRP and other printed price. He also shown the payment unrealistically made by the corporation.

With the onset of corona infection, the corporation had started various quarantine and isolation centres. These facilities were for those infected with coronavirus as well as those who were in contact.

Since people were being kept there, they bought a large number of various items like mineral water, soap, toothpaste, mosquito repellent, sheets, utensils, shampoo, plastic buckets, jugs etc. MBMC has awarded the contract to MS Enterprises.

“As per the payment clearance documents available from May to July 17, 2020, MBMC paid Rs 1, 10,61,552. Even after that, the purchase was made but the payment was not available,” Singh said.

Inflated rates

For example, mosquito repellents which have MRP of Rs 89 were purchased at the whopping cost of Rs 175. For Rs 15 toothpaste Municipal Corporation has paid Rs 67 while Rs 10 soap they paid Rs 32. Buckets which cost Rs 50 in the retailed market supplied at Rs 150 to the Covid Care Centres. About 36 items were purchased with inflated rates. Some products were of unknown brands with sub-standard quality.

Munna Singh has demanded an FIR to be registered against the beneficial either he is a contractor or MBMC officials. If MBMC failed to register the corona scam case then I will move for judicial intervention,” said BJP Corporator.

“The corporator has given the misinformation to the media. It might be of starting the corona era when there was a complete lockdown and things were difficult to get. All the purchased were transparent. However, if there are any anomalies we will take necessary action,” said Deepak Khambit, Executive Engineer, MBMC.