Majhi Bus app launches by Mayor
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After failed delivery app, MBMC comes up with ‘Majhi Bus’ app ‘for smart travelling’

After failed ‘MBMC Home Delivery’ app during the lockdown amid Coronavirus pandemic, the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) has come up with the travelling app ‘Majhi Bus’ – a mobile application for commuters with the taxpayers’ money.

On Thursday, Mayor Jyotsna Hasnale launched the ‘Majhi Bus’ application of the Android-based app in her office at the MBMC headquarter. Commissioner Dr Vijay Rathod, Deputy Mayor Hasmukh Gehlot, Deputy Commissioner Ajit Muthe, Transport Committee Chairman Mangesh Patil and Leader of the House Prashant Dalvi were present at the occasion.

Commuters can download the app through a website now and from the Google Play Store December 07 onwards.

According to the Mayor, the app helps in tracking the movement of buses. However, commuters will also get complete information about the routes of the buses, frequency, nearest bus stop and its distance through the app.

With much dillydally; the private operator has started a bus on nine routes. Currently, 46 buses are plying in twin-city. However, there are fewer commuters as compared with the pre-lockdown period on a daily basis.

Before the lockdown, the average commuters travelled by the MBMT buses were around 40,000 per day.

Bus employees have protected thrice in the month of September, as they were without salaries in the lockdown period. Nevertheless, people had demanded to blacklist the contractor M/s Bhagirathi MBMT Pvt Ltd for its ‘manmarzi’ attitude.

Delivery app  

Earlier, MBMC had launched an app for online delivery of essential commodities during the complete lockdown period. The app was known as ‘MBMC Home Delivery’. Initially, the app used by Naya Nagar people. However, later it was for pan-MBMC limits. Netizens used the app for placing orders of essential commodities like grocery, dairy and medicine stores. However, due to technical glitches, the app failed to attract people.