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25 Positive Cases Found, While 03 Recovered From Coronavirus In Mira-Bhayandar

Twenty-Five new COVID-19 positive cases were reported in Mira-Bhayandar. This new data has spiked the number of positive cases (cumulative) to 376 on Tuesday. However, three people have been recovered from Coronavirus infection. Tuesday’s data is the second-highest statistics in which coronavirus infected found in one day.     

Out of the twenty-five cases, Kranti Nagar slum has reported nine cases. Kranti Nagar is adjacent to Ganesh Deval Nagar slum in Bhayandar West. This has raised more worries to the officials of Mira-Bhayandar Municipal Corporation. While 12 cases are closed contact of old positive patients, 13 have been newly discovered from different parts of the twin city. Five cases are reported from Bhayandar (East) while Mira Road reported nine cases on Tuesday.

The total number of positive cases in the municipal corporation area has gone up to 376. While the people recovered from Coronavirus remains as high as 231. There are 134 active cases in the area at present. However, 11 persons have succumbed to the virus infection, so far.

On Tuesday, three persons were discharged after treatment from hospitals. However, the recovery rate of the twin city has come down to 61.43 per cent from 68.13. It is much higher than a country average of 38.73 per cent. Even a doubling rate has not touched the graph since May 08.

Mira-Bhayandar has witnesses single-digit positive cases following the imposition of a total shutdown on April 20. MBMC had recorded a sudden hike in the number of cases, with 33 cases recorded on May 08. In the last four days, the positive cases found are 21, 18, 21 and 25. According to sources, “Most of the cases, which are coming up now are either employee working in Mumbai or their closed relatives.”

Shifted slum Dwellers

MBMC has shifted about 125 families from Ganesh Deval Nagar to near Delta Garden, Mira Road to cease the spread of the virus in slum areas.