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About Us |14M Media Group, a part of 14M Media Group, is an online destination for news, commentary and reviews from twin cities of Mira Road and Bhayandar. Our aim is to provide real-time happenings and well inform our readers from this satellite area of Mumbai. Our whole focused will be on providing the rich youth-centric contents to our visitors.

In a new age, we keep ourselves in young reader’s shoes and always strive to provide the highest quality of contents. We offer a plethora of content to suit the sensibility of the new-age citizens. We are a team of blended young, dynamic and experienced professionals. Since its inception, we have set new standards in unbiased and fearless reporting and editorial.

We always keep in mind that news is not just news but we go beyond the news and cater to not just the why, how, what, when and where of news but we also analyse why something in the news is more than just an incident. We show you what is happening and the reasons behind it and even review it.

Ever aware of the need to provide the best available information, it is our constant endeavour to enhance editorial content and presentation and to provide the best analyses to our discerning readers.

A recent internal survey shows how the readership of has risen phenomenally among the internet savvy and the upwardly mobile.

14M Media Group strives to give our readers a factual and analytical perspective which they can relate to in their daily life.

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