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MBVV Police issues warning against visiting tourist places, taking selfie

During monsoon, a large number of tourists come out to enjoy nature as well as waterfalls, lakes, dams and beaches, so in order to avoid loss of life and finance to tourists at those places, Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCPs) from all the three zones under section 144 (1) (2) of Criminal Procedure Code 1973. […]

flash of Lighting killed teenage boy
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Teenager electrocuted due to flash of lightning in Uttan, dies

In an unfortunate incident, a 14-year-old boy died after being electrocuted with a flash of lightning during the rains fell on him at Patan Bundar, in the coastal area of Uttan, Bhayandar on Wednesday evening. According to the Uttan Coastal Police, the incident was reported from the Patan Bunder area at around 6 PM. The […]

Flipkart fraud Uttan
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Man orders mobile phone on Flipkart, receives soap bar instead

A 42-year-old Amol Bhagat placed an order for a mobile phone with a reputed online shopping portal Flipkart. The package was delivered at his house in Uttan, Bhayandar (West) on proposed timing. He paid the mobile cost with Cash-on-Delivery (CoD) mode of Rs 9,500 for the ordered product. When Bhagat unboxed the product, the mason […]

Man video call for Virtual sex
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Unknown Woman pleads for virtual sex, extorts thousands from victim for nude video

A woman allegedly extorted money from a 25-year-old private company employee in Uttan, Bhayandar. The woman asked him to go nude during a WhatsApp video call for virtual sex. However, the woman recorded the video call and started blackmailing him. The victim alleged that the accused has extorted Rs 37,000 from him. When she increased […]

Sarnaik Felicitated fishmen of God King who rescued Lucky Star boat
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‘Lucky Star’ missing fishermen’s bodies found; Sarnaik Felicitates ‘God King’

A fishing vessel ‘Lucky Star’ which was capsized in the Arabian Sea on August 04, the decomposed bodies of its two missing fishermen were found on the Dahanu’s shore on Sunday. The fishermen were resident of the Gorai village. Due to bad weather condition and strong winds, they were allegedly drowned after their boat capsized. […]

Fishing Boat capsizes in Arabian Sea
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Fishing Boat capsizes in Arabian Sea, eleven rescued; two still missing

The Lucky Star fishing boat from Gorai capsized in the Arabian Sea on Tuesday morning due to the high tides and unconditional weather at Uttan, Bhayandar. Luckily, eleven people were rescued by their counterpart from Uttan. Unfortunately, two fishermen are still missing and fire brigade personnel are being in search. Another boat from Uttan got […]

Dump yard in Uttan, Bhayandar
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Mountain of Garbage falls from dump-yard, damage eight houses in Uttan

Garbage piles up at the dump-yard of Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) fell on houses at Dhaavgi Village near Uttan in Bhayandar on Saturday night due to heavy rains, causing extensive damage to eight houses. Fortunately, no casualties were reported. However, the properties were severely damaged. The heavy rains caused garbage from the dump-yard to […]