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Mira Bhayandar’s Anna Hazare’s another Birthday return gift for twin city

Pradeep Jangam made another reservation plot available to the public from his agitation

A garden has been inaugurated by the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) Mayor Jyotsana Hasnale on Sunday. The garden was made available for the public in a jittery way which was pending since April Last year. However, this was possible after social worker Mr Pradeep Dilip Jangam started the agitation on January 06, which is his birthday.  

According to the 1997 Development Plan (DP) of twin city, there are 386 different lands have been reserved for public interest across the city. Developing facilities at these reserved places like Garden, Ground, Stadium, Park, Hospital, Dispensary, Maternity Home, Primary / Secondary School, College, Drama Theater, Cemetery ground/Smashan Bhoomi, various government offices, parking lots, bus depots, fire stations, etc. It is the responsibility of the Municipal Corporation to develop and provides these facilities to the public through different means. In the last 23 years, out of 386, only 115 reserved plots/facilities have been made available to the public.

Social activist Pradeep Jangam has been sitting on hunger strike or chain agitation on the occasion of his birthday on January 06 from the past six years. He says, “People often expect to receive a gift on the occasion of a birthday. However, I constantly fighting in the public interest to give return gifts to the people on my birthday. In these 6 years, the movement has made available many reservations open for the public. Nevertheless, the responsibility of making these reserved plots available to the public purely lies with the elected representatives of the local people.”

What’s Jangam demands were

Jangam, who works in the public interest, started a agitation on his birthday again this year with three main demands. He demanded to make reservation No.305 (Garden at Hatkesh) available to the public as soon as possible. The second demand was to get the Amenity Open Space from the developers and builders. And his third demands were to transfer the top officials from the different departments.

Two of his demands were fulfilled by the MBMC. In a letter issued, Executive Engineer Deepak Khambit informed Jangam about the inauguration of the garden on Sunday. Significantly, the reservation No. 305 (garden) was developed in February last year. However, due to some political snag and coronavirus pandemic, this garden could not be made available for the public, cited the reason in the letter by the Khambit.

For his second demands, seven officials have been internally transferred.

“Out of 25 Amenity Open Space developments only nine have been developed by the developers. That’s too, Mayor Bungalow, Commissioner’s bungalow, Police Commissionerate and some Ward offices have been developed. About 16 spaces yet to be developed and MBMC has not taken in its under,” informed Jangam.

Garden Opening

Mayor Jyotsana Hasnale inaugurated the said garden on Sunday, January 10. On the occasion, Deputy Mayor Hasmukh Gehlot, MLA Geeta Jain, LoP Pravin Patil, LoH Prashant Dalvi, Standing Committee Chairman Ashok Tiwari, Executive Engineer Deepak Khambit, Corporators Neela Soans, Vijay Rai, Anand Manjrekar, Suresh Khandelwal and Ravi Vyas were present.

However, Thanking the MBMC for the inauguration, Pradeep Jangam said, “They opened the garden in a hurry. Yet, they had not given the name to the garden. My suggestion will be, the garden name should be some senior freedom fighter from the area. MBMC should talk to the family of freedom fighters and they should pick one name from them.”