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I will try to get Footpath dweller Asma Shaikh home, assured Pratap Sarnaik

The news of the success of Asma Shaikh, who passed SSC, while living on the Mumbai’s footpath has been appreciated by all. Overcoming the difficult situation, Asma has achieved success in high school. After reading her story, Shiv Sena MLA Pratap Sarnaik has come to her aid and assured that he will try to get her a decent house to stay. He said that he would appeal the state government to provide her home and will support in her next academic journey. Sarnaik said he would follow up with the state government.

The results of the 10th standard were announced on Wednesday. Many students scored 95 to 100 per cent marks. However, the success of Asma Shaikh, who scored 40 per cent marks in the exams, is unique. She is staying on the footpath of Azad Maidan and struggling in difficult conditions. Her achievement is more remarkable. She is being appreciated everywhere. While talking to her over the phone, MLA Pratap Sarnaik congratulated her and expressed about his desire.

Sarnaik showed his readiness to accept responsibility for her further education. However, Asma said that Shiv Sena’s youth wing Yuva Sena has taken the responsibility for her further education. “We will do whatever it takes to help Asma Shaikh,” Sarnaik said.

House of Dream

Asma said that she needed a house where she can further fulfil her dream.

“We will follow up with the Chief Minister, Urban Development Minister and Housing Minister and try to get the house for Asma Shaikh from MMRDA or MHADA,” Sarnaik said.

Sarnaik also promised to get a part-time job for her in the nearby area, so that she can earn while she learns and helps her farther.

Government has provided houses to the people affected by the road widening under the MMRDA scheme. “In the same way, we will follow up with the state government to get a house for Asma Shaikh, who has struggled in difficult situations and achieved success and set an example,” Shiv Sena legislator said.

Students, who grumble despite all the comforts, need to take a lesson from Asma’s struggle. The success of 40 per cent for the street dwellers is certainly not less than 90 per cent. “It doesn’t matter how much marks she got, but the situation is. It is important that she continues her education, and she keeps trying. We will support her in her future endeavours,” Sarnaik said.

Asma Shaikh dreams that she takes her father to her own house, who sells lemonade on the street.

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