Launching of Ganjhuvir Tablets
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Ganjhuvir: Immunity booster and Anti-Viral with power of Ayurveda launches in India

Ganjhuvir is India’s first patented indigenous anti-viral medicine developed by single plant source. It has been proven efficacious in multiple viral infections from a common cold to COVID-19, thereby proving a broad-spectrum anti-viral activity. This medicine not only enhances the body immunity but also directly controls viral loads- making it an effective medicine against virus infections across the spectrum. After passing a successful test at NIMHANS, Bangalore and Haffkine’s Institute Mumbai, It has been approved by the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India, New Delhi. 

The medicine is ready to roll out in the market. Its R&D, quality control, manufacturing, packaging and distribution is done under strict adherence of Ayurveda protocol. It is developed in NABL accredited laboratory and GMP certified company – Ayushraj Enterprises Pvt Ltd which works under the aegis of Ministry of Ayush. 

Successful clinical trials conducted on Dengue and Covid-19 virus. This medicine emerged as an effective treatment for Dengue, Covid-19, Rabies and Encephalitis.   It is also approved by the Ministry of Ayush. This medicine not only enhances the body immunity but also directly controls viral loads – making it an effective medicine against virus infections across the spectrum.  

Viral pandemics are seen to be the latest scourge of humankind in the years to come – and this product has come in at the right time, which could prove to be a blessing to humanity.  

The product effective in

It is a story of a fascinating journey which started with a small team of like-minded persons, supporting a scientist, who in his quest for service to the humanity, worked relentlessly for fourteen years and after extensive research and experiments, brought out the “anti-viral” medicine, which hitherto was unheard of in the Indian sub-continent or for that matter in the entire world and now stands at a threshold of  “revolution in Ayurveda”, which is the oldest health care system in the world, which has its origin in India. The medicine is useful for Viral Load Reduction, Increase Platelets Count, Boosts Immune System, Controls Fever, Anti-Inflammatory and CNS Supportive.  

Ganjhuvir is effective for specific conditions like diabetics, rheumatoid arthritis.  It is neuroprotective and has potent analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Scientist behind Ganjhuvir

The journey of medicine has an interesting and inspiring beginning. The pioneer scientist of the medicine Dr Rajesh Kumar Ganjhu who hails from a small village Belwadag, Khunti, Jharkhand has nurtured his passion for the miraculous power of ayurvedic herbs under the guidance of his maternal grandfather Vaidya Makel Sahu.

Despite hardships of life Dr Ganjhu worked hard and acquired a PhD from the University of Pune. After education, he worked with leading corporate houses and developed India’s first “Vegetarian Capsule”.

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