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Father-son duo reach home by driving 1950 km autorickshaw from Bhayandar

Most migrant workers, daily wagers, autorickshaw drivers are empty pockets. Some are very desperate to meet their families as they have old parents to take care of. Whereas, some after waiting for two months, don’t want to waste time waiting for government help. Some are walking, some are loading in trucks like animals to reach their homes. And, some are like Mahto family.

Two migrants Prayag Mahto and his 18-year-old son Jitendra Kumar Mahto have reached their native village travelling in an autorickshaw from Bhayandar. They drive about 1950km to the final destination to Gomia village, in Barmo district of Jharkhand. He said that the fear of coronavirus and further survival crisis gave them so much strength that they could reach their destination.

“I was in Bhayandar along with my 18-year- old son Jitendra. We used to make living by driving auto MH-04-HZ 0335.  As complete lockdown, the financial crisis also increased in front of us, and our landlord where we lived on rent said that we cannot help you.  The landlord said that if you want to stay here then you have to pay rent,” said Prayag Mahto. 

Hundreds of people were leaving for their homes from Maharashtra, so we also thought that it was better to go from here.  If we will reach home, at least we will not die of hunger. There will be some arrangement there, added Paryag Mahto.

They said that on May 7, they have started their journey on their auto from Bhayandar.  Five days later, they reached their home in the late in the evening of 12 May.

No Musibat kam

However, after reaching their village, the local administration has sent them to the quarantine centre.

Prayag Mahto further said “When we left from Bhayandar, we had nothing in our pockets except for few clothes and some stuff filled in two bags.  This was the first time; we had taken the road trip. So, we had no idea about the route, due to which we had to go astray. At many places, policemen have also stopped us but considered our helplessness and allowed our further journey.”

During these five days, they continued to drive the auto, stopping only five-seven minutes every hour and for resting. Mahto says he used to rest for two-four hours at night. Sometimes, he stopped at a petrol pump or used to relax outside the shops which were closed.

His son, Jitendra Kumar Mahto told that in Jharkhand government’s help App, he got registered 8 days before they have begun their journey on May 7 in autorickshaw but there was no response from administration nor we received financial support yet here. 

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