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EdpowerU brings webinar platforms on ‘Working through COVID-19’

EdpowerU in association with Fight-Corona.Net and the Wockhardt Foundation has organised webinar platforms for series on ‘Working through COVID-19’. This has been specially designed for teams and leaders to navigate change, align expectations, stay positive. The speakers will also speak on how to manage the difficulty, find motivation and look ahead in the time of uncertainty.

These engaging and action-oriented sessions will be conducted by experts. The initiative ‘Working through COVID-19’ aims to provide the requisite support to teams and leaders. Through this, they will learn how to motivate themselves and others during this difficult time.

Who can participate

The first webinar of this series is ‘Improving Productivity and Building Resilience’ which will be held on the 8th of May 2020 from 3 pm to 5 pm (details below). The webinar is open to executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, founders, startups, social workers and students. At this point, they are looking to manage themselves, their teams and businesses to move forward. The webinar helps participants identify common challenges, understand the concept of resiliency. Nevertheless, these webinar platforms will also provide tools and techniques for participants to improve productivity and think ahead.

Shubika Bilkha, Founding Partner, EdpowerU

The webinar will be conducted by Shubika Bilkha, the Founding Partner of EdpowerU. Shubika Bilkha is a dynamic leadership and performance coach. She has worked with a number of professionals, CXOs, senior-level and millennial executives across corporates, industries and educational institutions.

Shubika is a published author and prominent spokesperson across media platforms. She has spoken on various topics relating to HR, leadership and behaviour in the workplace.

Dr. Huz, Trustee and CEO Wockhardt Foundation said: “This is a beautiful webinar series that we bring which guides you to better thinking during these stressful times”

Shubika Bilkha, Partner, EdpowerU said: “This webinar series has been conceptualized to offer the requisite support to teams, leaders and entrepreneurs during these challenging times. We look forward to supporting the initiatives of Fight-Corona.Net and working together to strengthen our resolve and protect those who are most impacted in the process.”

Key area of focus of the Webinar:

Improving Productivity and Building Resilience

  • Identifying and acknowledging common challenges
  • Factors that affect productivity at this time
  • Understanding resiliency and bouncing back
  • Tools and Techniques to Manage the Controllables

Webinar platforms details:

Date: 8th May, 2020

Duration: 3pm- 5pm

Fee: Rs. 500

Proceeds from the webinar will also go towards the initiatives of Fight-Corona.net

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