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State should provide maximum help to Municipal Corporation in fight with COVID: Devendra Fadnavis

Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Leader of Opposition (LoP) in Legislative Assembly Devendra Fadnavis appealed the Uddhav Thackeray government that the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) is not financially capable to bear all the expenses in fighting with coronavirus. Although the state government has provided Rs 15 crore to MBMC, that is not sufficient.

Therefore, Fadnavis demanded that the state government should provide maximum subsidy to the Municipal Corporation. He was talking at a press conference after visiting the Pandit Bhimsen Joshi COVID Hospital at Bhayandar.  The hospital also known as Tembha Hospital is dedicated COVID hospital in twin city.

Please ignore the Social Distancing.

Along with Fadnavis, Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council Pravin Darekar, MLA Ravindra Chavan, Niranjan Davkhare, Prasad Lad, Mayor Jyotsna Hasnale, Commissioner Dr Vijay Rathod, Leader of the House Rohidas Patil, BJP District President Hemant Mhatre, as well as BJP corporators, office bearers and others visited the Bhimsen Joshi Hospital in Bhayandar.

After that, he held a meeting with the concerned authority in the MBMC headquarters and reviews the situation about the coronavirus infection in the twin city.

On Hospital and Administration

On Sunday, an old man died in Tembha Hospital due to lack of timely admission. Fadnavis expressed his displeasure over the incident. He said, “In a meeting with Commissioner Vijay Rathod regarding the quarantine centre, hospital admissions and private hospitals bills, I asked him to take action against the responsible persons.”

Regarding the frequent transfers of commissioners, the former Chief Minister said, “Though the decision is from the state government, in these circumstances, the work gets hampered due to frequent transfers of chief administrator.”

On the rising numbers of COVID patients

On the rising number of Coronavirus infections, Devendra Fadnavis said that the rate of corona infection in Maharashtra is much higher than the country’s average. “Maharashtra ranks ninth in the country in corona tests per million populations. The low coronavirus testing is the main reason for increasing corona infected patients in the state,” said LoP Fadnavis.

Rising mortality in Maharashtra is of greater concern. “I have consistently said that the actual death rate has not yet been revealed. About 400 deaths in Mumbai have not come forward. There is a huge shortage of health workers. Seventy patients have gone missing from Malad Quarantine Centre. Three patients have gone missing from Thane. His relatives met me today,” said Fadnavis.

“Municipalities should get financial support. Loot by the private hospitals should stop. ICCU beds are falling short, that should be increased,” said former CM.

Social Distancing, what’s that

However, during the whole program, social distancing was not maintained by the leaders. The leaders were seen rushing to the meeting hall on the ground floor of the hospital, without caring about the social distancing. Nevertheless, this was continued at the entrance of the MBMC headquarters. Even non-municipal officials had gathered on the second-floor auditorium where the meeting was held. With this the question arises, was it really necessary to hold a meeting at the COVID Hospital with so many people?

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